mediate between

mediate between (someone and someone else)

to negotiate an agreement between people. I will have to mediate between Mary and Vernon. No one wants to mediate between them.
References in classic literature ?
The mixed constitution is practicable in a state where the middle class is strong, as only the middle class can mediate between the rich and the poor.
In the case of dead matter, however, such phenomena are less frequent and important than in the case of living organisms, and it is far less difficult to invent satisfactory hypotheses as to the microscopic changes of structure which mediate between the past occurrence and the present changed response.
As I felt bound to assist him in this, and also to mediate between them; with the view of sparing the mother's feelings as much as possible, I wrote to her that night.
Sue would explore how she could mediate between being a divorce mediator and being a divorce arbitrator.
This interval, in fact, enables Brent to mediate between a number of oppositions at the same time.