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mediate between (someone and someone else)

to negotiate an agreement between people. I will have to mediate between Mary and Vernon. No one wants to mediate between them.
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It was a dream come true, and obviously I would have loved to have won," Mediate said, "but I got to play with the No.
And Woods won at the 19th hole with a par, after Mediate hooked his tee-shot at the par-four seventh.
Open, and the lovable Mediate stole plenty of hearts in America.
Paddy Power were biggest in the bookmaking community with their 400-1 Mediate quote at the start of the week, but the American journeyman was available at 909-1 on Betfair.
It was there, on the 91st hole, that Woods finally shook off his fellow American with Mediate missing his putt to end his hopes of an improbable victory against the world number one.
Unbelievable, I knewhe would make it," Mediate said after Woods' putt rolled around half of the cup before dropping.
Unbelievable, I knew he would make it," Mediate said after Woods' putt rolled around half of the cup before dropping.
If after intervening you honestly believe your knowledge, credibility, and authority are not relevant to the conflict, your job is to find someone who is relevant to mediate.
If Sue is to be true to her belief that she is a mediator in all of her life roles, then she must find a way to mediate the current situation.
For Hejduk, the masque represents the core of architecture: It's that space that mediates between inside and outside--an architectural figment meant to be embodied from within as much as it is from without.
The investigators concluded that four factors mediate the association because they were significant (or nearly so) in univariate analysis and had independent effects on HPV risk: number of sexual partners in the past six months (odds ratio, 1.
7] Announcement 95-86 also includes a model agreement to mediate, a model consent to disclosure of return information for the purposes of the mediation, and a model mediator's report.
Furthermore, the mediator who is the hinge in this triadic relationship, acts not only on their own behalf, though they invariably have some interest, but on behalf of the people between whom they mediate.
Under a one-year test program that will end in October, certain taxpayers can elect to mediate a dispute with the IRS instead of risking the hazards of litigation.