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happy medium

A healthy balance between two extremes. It can be difficult for working mothers to find a happy medium between maintaining their careers and caring for their families.
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in the short/medium/long term

During a short/medium/long period of time in the future. It's an adequate solution in the short term, maybe even in the medium term, but it won't fix the problem in the long term.
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for the short/medium/long term

For a short/medium/long period of time in the future. It's an adequate solution for the short term, maybe even for the medium term, but it won't fix the problem for the long term.
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strike a happy medium

 and hit a happy medium; find a happy medium
to find a compromise position; to arrive at a position halfway between two unacceptable extremes. Ann likes very spicy food, but Bob doesn't care for spicy food at all. We are trying to find a restaurant that strikes a happy medium. Tom is either very happy or very sad. He can't seem to hit a happy medium.
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happy medium

The midway point between two extremes. For example, We need to find a happy medium between overdoing the holiday season and ignoring it entirely . This expression, first recorded in 1778, was once known as the golden mean and is based on ancient mathematical principles.
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a happy medium

COMMON A happy medium is something that is successful or pleasant because it avoids being extreme. Here you have the freedom to be energetic, lazy or strike a happy medium in between. Tours like his provide a happy medium between protecting the sea-life and giving holidaymakers a unique experience.
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a/the happy ˈmedium

a sensible balance between two extremes: I like to know my colleagues well, but not too well. The sort of friendship I have with them now is a happy medium.In life generally we should try to find the happy medium. Extreme solutions to problems always lead to difficulties.
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ˌover ˈeasy/ˈmedium/ˈhard

(American English) (used about eggs) fried on both sides for a short time/for a moderate length of time/for a longer time: I’ll have two eggs over easy and a cup of coffee, please.
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in the ˈlong/ˈmedium/ˈshort term

used to describe what will happen a long/medium/short time into the future: In the short term, we can send the refugees food and clothing, but in the long term we must do something about the underlying problems. ▶ ˌlong-ˈterm, ˌshort-ˈterm adj.: a long-term approachshort-term problems
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To measure the degree to which they engage in critical thinking, participants answered the following questions using 7-point scales with strongly agree and strongly disagree as anchors: "It's worth my time to consider the truthfulness of advertising messages," "It's interesting to think about the purpose behind a message 1 see in the media," "It's interesting to think about what the creator of a media message wants me to believe," and "When I see a media message, I think about who created it.
To assess the influence of media use patterns on lesson outcomes, researchers ran multiple regression equations.
The results revealed a cause-and-effect association among the media relations department's efforts with the news media, resulting news coverage and customers' satisfaction with Xcel Energy based on their interpretation of news coverage.
As a result, Xcel's executives now seek input from the media relations department regarding the strategic direction for marketing and public policy plans, based on news coverage, modeling and customer satisfaction.
Unlike DLTtape and Super DLTtape media which incorporates embedded optical servo tracks on the back side of the tape.
While library media professionals "know" the value of their programs' contributions and can point to individual studies as evidence of that value, the field needs more systematic and widespread research evidence in this area to support its claims.
Windows Media is the leading digital media platform, providing unmatched audio and video quality to consumers, content providers, solution providers and software developers as well as business, education and government users.
Specific prevention strategies applicable to all infants and children such as immunization against viral respiratory infections or specifically against the bacteria that cause otitis media are not currently available.
Helical recording media involves short tracks that are recorded diagonally (at an angle of about 11 degrees) across the width of a 4mm or 8mm tape.
This 6th edition of the China Media Yearbook & Directory includes over 300 pages covering:
proactive) as well as your practices (the role of the primary spokesperson) and procedures (how to respond to media inquiries).
Session Two introduced the concept of media violence.
To prevent oxidation problems and still take advantage of the high recording density potential of MP media, metal particles used in DDS media are typically coated with a passivation layer material.
Ease of use is paramount at every level of Signiant's solution and many of the key features are fully automated and seamlessly integrated with common media applications.
In the marketing and advertising literature, the debate has been summed up as: "Will New Media Inherit the Earth?