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medallion man

A man who dresses in a flashy way, usually with his shirt open to expose his chest and (often gold) jewelry. Primarily heard in UK. Once the medallion man arrived at the party, all of the women decided to leave. My husband used to be a medallion man, but thankfully his style has gotten more conservative over the years.
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a medallion man

  (British humorous)
a man, usually an older man, who dresses in a way that he thinks women find attractive, often wearing an open shirt in order to show his chest and a lot of gold jewellery
Usage notes: A medallion is a circle of metal like a large coin that is worn on a chain around the neck.
And there he was, a real-live 70's medallion man, just stepped out of a time machine.
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A just-published HVM report, Medallion Financial & Credit Unions Behind Above-Market Chicago Taxi Medallion Sales, found some financial institutions were unwilling to lend for Chicago medallion sales at market prices but approved financing for transactions at nearly double those amounts.
Kay also noted that any effort by Uber to hire taxi drivers had been restricted to mini fleets, and no changes took place regarding individual medallion owners who often finance their medallions at credit unions.
Medallion Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: TAXI), a specialty finance company that specialises in servicing the taxicab industry and other niche markets, has said that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Medallion Bank, has acquired a Chicago taxi medallion loan portfolio of over 40 loans from a third party finance company.
The Disposition and the Private Placement on a net basis will not alter the number of common shares of Medallion held or controlled by Mr.
Delta said its customers will be introduced to Medallion Qualification Dollars, a minimum spend level required to qualify for status in the 2015 Medallion program based on the price of tickets purchased.
We continued to see strong taxi medallion collateral values demonstrated through price appreciation in taxi medallions throughout 2010 and continuing to date through 2011.
Medallion currently has more than 250 employees, and the additional workers should be hired by the end of the year, Chadwell said.
Arwa bint Ali Alsayed of Riyadh&'s Armed Forces Hospital was granted King Abdulaziz Medallion of the First Degree.
A copper medallion struck in 1772 to mark Captain James Cook's voyage of discovery to Australia in the Endeavour is on its way back Down Under after being bought for pounds 4,600.
For the medallion base, cut out a cardboard circle.
Fifth Avenue Crystal, a division of Crystal Clear Industries, will launch a new label, Medallion by Fifth Avenue Crystal, during the upcoming New York tabletop market in April.
He himself carried his medallion in a small leather pouch around his neck.
Abbe Berns, assistant director of the Ventura County Fire District, said Medallion Construction failed to follow specifications when installing the roof.
The Lady Liberty medallion is 36" in diameter and features nine different wood species, including bloodwood, maple and dyed blue ash, to replicate the red, white and blue of the stylized flag.
Medallion said Taxi Media Network will be renamed Medallion Media Japan.