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Also new from HunterLab is a benchtop spectrophotometer that boasts superior precision in measuring colors of plastics in lab or production environments.
Developers must clearly state the method of measuring square footage they are using in the buildings offering plan, which must be pre-approved by the Attorney General's office.
An interesting subject for industry is the measuring of surface deformation of tested objects, which are under the influence of higher temperature, pressure and humidity (ref.
2, which illustrates the importance of choosing an amplitude level for measuring the time.
Measuring quality of life in children with obstructive sleep disorders.
Not only does the probe bend when it is being moved across a workpiece during scanning--and Legacy points out that when measuring things like the inside of automatic transmission cases the probes can be 600-to 800-mm long, and consequently liable to bend--but there is another aspect that needs to be taken into account: "You have to understand the dynamic bending in the machine itself.
Eliminate willingness-to-accept and value-of-time methods of measuring benefits.
Measuring payback for data protection environments where worker productivity is the key value is common for manufacturing plants.
It's true that there is more random error in measuring gains in test scores than in measuring the level of test scores.
By measuring the effect of communication, you can predict how changes in communication programs may affect the overall organization.
Politicians, voters, and many educators have come to a rough agreement that improving schools must involve measuring how much students learn and holding schools accountable for those students who fail.
The regulations implement the changes in performance measures mandated by the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 and provide the general outline for measuring performance on both an organizational (program) and employee-by-employee basis.
This was interpreted to mean that: "(a) the development of a scale for the purpose of measuring client satisfaction, conceptualized as a single variable, is feasible; (b) the 14 items are indeed measuring a single underlying variable.
The credibility of any empirical study depends on the care taken by the analyst in defining and measuring concepts, and in interpreting conclusions drawn from the data.