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Also noted in May were Instron's Extra Long Travel Extensometer (EXL) for measuring strain to rupture of highly extensible materials and (in June) the same firm's $17,900 package of mechanical test frame with digital servo control, grips, fixtures, PC controller, and testing sol, ware.
These practices are all legal and have become so common that recently, a sophisticated client viewing an apartment at Rutherford Place made executives rethink their honest measuring methods.
These goals are grouped into four areas: workforce composition, working culture, sensitivity to external stakeholders and measuring impact on business performance.
An interesting subject for industry is the measuring of surface deformation of tested objects, which are under the influence of higher temperature, pressure and humidity (ref.
2, which illustrates the importance of choosing an amplitude level for measuring the time.
Measuring quality of life in children with obstructive sleep disorders.
The subject was "Issues for Libraries: Measuring the Information Age (NISO, 2001).
Measuring payback based on inherent data value makes the most sense in companies where business information is the most important corporate value.
It's true that there is more random error in measuring gains in test scores than in measuring the level of test scores.
This will serve as your model for measuring impact.
That's like measuring the quality of a restaurant by calculating how much it paid for silverware and food: not completely useless, but pretty far from ideal.
Although the IRS cannot turn a blind eye to its responsibility to collect taxes, the Institute strongly believes that the adoption of a revised system of measuring performance is essential to fostering voluntary compliance (as stated in the IRS's new Mission Statement) and ensuring the long-term success of the Coordinated Examination Program.
This was interpreted to mean that: "(a) the development of a scale for the purpose of measuring client satisfaction, conceptualized as a single variable, is feasible; (b) the 14 items are indeed measuring a single underlying variable.