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Earlier studies which found evidence of the existence of the noctcaelador construct (Kelly, 2003; Kelly & Kelly, 2003) used measures other than the NI which examined different aspects of night-sky watching.
A controversial measure that would give Los Angeles City Council members an extra four years in office was receiving broad support from city voters in partial returns Tuesday night.
UltraScan Pro measures both reflected and transmitted color using diffuse/8[degrees] geometry with automatic gloss inclusion or exclusion.
Over the past several years, IHE leaders have been searching for a different set of measures and metaphors, more suitable to the challenges.
Measures of Material Hardship: Rationale and Recommendations.
New cases ceased in section B after daily inspection and patient isolation were implemented, but these measures were taken late in the epidemic.
Watson (2004), for instance, reviewed several factor-analytic studies that examined the construct validity of American measures with different South African population groups.
In this method, nodularity is checked using an ultrasonic velocity measuring instrument, which measures velocity by sending and receiving sound waves as they travel through a section of a casting.
3, where: 1) the neutron wave functions in the quantum states are known; 2) the calculated populations of the quantum states are equal to those measured with the method of two scatterers (this will be described in a forthcoming paper: the first scatterer shapes the neutron spectrum, the second scatterer measures the spectrum after some storage in the quantum states); 3) the zero height is estimated from the experimental data; 4) the difference between the idealized theoretical curve and the experimental results corresponds to a detector spatial resolution as high as [approximately equal to]1.
The post-survey contained additional measures assessing students' SHINE experience: Importance of reflection activities (alpha = .
As an analogy, a standard hearing test does not directly measure the "true" hearing level but indirectly measures the patient's subjective perception of what he/she hears as the tones are generated by the audiometer.
LIM was used for many years to measure poverty in the Scandinavian countries and it is the most egalitarian-oriented of the income measures.
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