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Earlier studies which found evidence of the existence of the noctcaelador construct (Kelly, 2003; Kelly & Kelly, 2003) used measures other than the NI which examined different aspects of night-sky watching.
The ballot measure was proposed by the League of Women Voter of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.
Motivated by dissatisfaction with the official poverty measure, which many scholars and practitioners share, we propose the use of sequential costs of poverty to enrich the poverty measure so that it might capture more closely the life-experiences of low-income families.
The presented method gives the possibility to measure mean values of the dimension of a sidewall, as well as a tread at a defined position given by a laser trace.
VTM stands for "viscosity, transition, and modulus," the three critical phases of polymer measurement, and this instrument can measure dynamic mechanical properties through all of these phases, from melt through transition to solid state.
90): This measure assessed students' awareness of how U.
These authors reported on the development of a career self-efficacy measure for Chinese high school students in Hong Kong.
If, in baseball, we need to divide performance measures by the number of opportunities, then in the corporate domain we likewise need to divide commonly-used performance measures by a suitable measure of the risk taken to achieve that performance.
Using this tool, measure the relative fairness of the published or broadcast story in terms of its benefit or detriment to Xcel Energy's brand image.
Outcomes research instruments may measure general health (Short Form-36 [SF-36]) or specific diseases (e.
Others have advocated a Low Income Measure (LIM) which calculates poverty as being half the median income of individuals and families.
Ultrasonic velocity testing, which measures velocity by sending and receiving sound waves as they travel through a section of a casting, is a proven method for checking the nodularity of ductile irons.
We have developed a new type of field-expansion spectrometer to measure the neutron beta decay correlations (a, b, B, and A).
Travel by land to the north was prohibited, a measure that was facilitated by the lack of major roads to the area.