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She said: "Duncan was so proud of his time in the Army and it would have meant the world to him that they had come along to his funeral to recognise what he had done.
His mother, Luisza, said: "He meant the world to his family and will always be deeply missed and loved.
The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' star posted that she was overwhelmed by all of this birthday love and that it meant the world to her, Us Magazine reported.
Four grandchildren, who meant the world to her, Deven, Taylor, Brenna & Jay.
Meanwhile, Cowell even has baby names decided and it would be a tribute to his dad as he meant the world to him.
I've cried rivers of tears Over these past few years You my love meant the world to me I hope you will understand and see You just don't know how I feel The rift between us I just want to heal For you my valentine I do yearn As my heart for you does burn I now suffer from a broken heart Now we are so far apart The truth is It's you I miss You were my first love in life Now I suffer so much strife Each year I send you flowers and a card As life without you is so very hard I just loved your face As your smile would grace any place Now I often cry As my love for you will never die
He's had a tough time of late, the goals haven't been flowing, so to break his drought would meant the world to him.
Silent tears still gently fall, others do not see for a kind and loving husband who meant the world to me.
You were a husband in a million, why did you have to go, you meant the world to me, I really loved you so, if I had one choice today, my choice would not be hard, I'd wish that I could have you here, to give you a birthday card, love you always, your loving wife Eileen.
the great British public putting their money where their mouth is for a cause that meant the world to him.
She was fun-loving and beautiful, and meant the world to all our families.
A FATHER accused of murdering his son by throwing him from a hotel balcony told a Greek court today that his family meant the world to him.
My animals meant the world to me and, even though they are gone, they are still with me.
She fought back tears to say: "It's meant the world to me.
He was a simple man and his family meant the world to him,'' said Reed's youngest daughter, Angela Miller.