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He was a drunk and by most accounts meaner than the devil himself.
If you use the corporate model, downsizing sometimes makes you leaner and meaner, sometimes it leaves you smaller.
Our 20-city survey reveals that the budget ax is felling tree programs nationwide, and our streets are sure to get meaner as a result.
This highly anticipated expansion makes villains meaner and introduces a PvP zone that has not been seen before in the online multiplayer market," said Matt Miller, Cryptic Studios'(TM) lead designer for City of Heroes and City of Villains.
Namco's premier arcade racer is now in the hands of a new developer, and it's much leaner and meaner.
Minus his first name, the leaner, meaner Bateman has gone from strength to strength with his Mystery Man series.
VAUXHALL is aiming to clean up with a raft of improvements aimed at making its Insignia models cleaner and meaner than before.
That dismal return has left them only one point above the drop zone, but Megson feels a meaner streak in attack will help his side to climb the table.
Stung by criticism that the last one was tall and dumpy, VW designers have beefed up the shape with meaner nose, sinister front lights and sexy twin exhausts.
The first lady of Australian racing saddles the clear favourite in Sebring, one of only two unbeaten horses in this race, plus the talented She's Meaner.
The more money these stars amass the meaner they become.
Meaner, leaner and lighter, the Honda is still the pack leader as the most neutral steering bike around.
Mr M added: "I could have been a lot meaner -but I was good to them
Life has become meaner for minimum-wage earners since the 1960s, with dramatic consequences for their children's education.
The former Manchester United player and Republic of Ireland international saved Coventry from relegation from the First Division in his first season in charge and after another relegation battle the following season, he instilled a meaner streak in the side which saw them qualify for Europe where they beat Bulgarian side Trakia Plovdiv home and away before crashing out to the mighty Bayern Munich.