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Despite being raised as a theoretically important construct among career researchers and counselors, in general, mattering has received relatively limited attention in the career and work literature (e.
Before I introduce the current literature on work mattering, it is important to define the major construct used throughout this article.
The present analysis provides a relatively broad review of the theoretical framework of mattering, mattering within the work context, and existing psychometric measures of mattering.
Theoretical Framework: Components and Types of Mattering
Rosenberg, a social psychologist, first introduced the term mattering in the field (Rosenberg, 1985; Rosenberg & McCullough, 1981).
Although mattering to others may vary in degree and form, Elliott et al.
Relationship mattering implies a relationship between an individual and the persons to whom he or she wants to matter (Elliott et al.
The second form of relationship mattering involves others' reliance on us.
2004) are among the first social scientists to design and execute a comprehensive empirical validation study of mattering to others.
Of utmost importance to the empirical validation of mattering as a distinct construct was Elliott et al.
The GMS and the MTOQ were combined to create one indicator of mattering.
The hypothesized three-factor structural model of ethnic identity, acculturation, and mattering significantly predicting wellness in adolescents first was tested with all participants, then tested again separately with the minority and nonminority groups of students.
05) were found between mattering and wellness and acculturation and wellness.
2]) predicting wellness from the three exogenous constructs, ethnic identity, acculturation, and mattering were spirituality = .
The path coefficients between acculturation and wellness and mattering and wellness for minority participants were all nonsignificant.