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So long as they brought home a half dollar for each day, what mattered it when they brought it?
It little mattered whether my curiosity irritated him; I knew the pleasure of vexing and soothing him by turns; it was one I chiefly delighted in, and a sure instinct always prevented me from going too far; beyond the verge of provocation I never ventured; on the extreme brink I liked well to try my skill.
It mattered little; Magdalen's heart looked through her eyes, and told her that she saw Norah.
I spoke the first, and said that it mattered little if he granted it, seeing that the Black One who was dead had already given it to the English, the People of George, and the end of the matter would be that the Amaboona and the People of George would fight for the land.
It mattered little to her how she appeared to herself in comparison with Agatha.
It was too late to avoid recognition; and besides, as John was now actually on the way home, it hardly mattered, and he gave way to the impulse of his nature.
But that mattered little, so long as the lower part grew thinner.