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the alma mater

the official song of a school, college or university We ended our class reunion by singing the alma mater.
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your alma mater

the school, college, or university where you studied She has been offered the position of professor of international economic policy at Princeton, her alma mater.
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alma mater

Also, Alma Mater. The school or college one attended and, usually, graduated from, as in During football season I always check to see how my alma mater is doing. This expression sometimes refers to the institution's official song, as in I never did learn the words to my college's alma mater. The term is Latin for "kind mother." [c. 1800]
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But the mater cottoned to him at once, took him on as secretary--you know how she's always running a hundred societies?
Yes; you see she went to the mater, and--Oh, here's Evie herself.
Alumni want to feel emotionally connected with their alma maters, and it's crucial that colleges and universities increase their communications in an effective way in order to grow engagement -- and ultimately fundraise -- from their alumni base," Ellison said.
colleges and universities and their alma maters, as well as distinguish current donating behavior of alumni.
The study, titled Alumni Engagement and Giving, found that nearly eight out of ten alumni in the United States feel positively about their alma mater.
There's more to supporting our alma maters than showing up for homecoming festivities and sporting a complete collection of paraphernalia boasting the school colors.
If you are a graduate of an HBCU, write a check to your alma mater today.