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alma mater

1. The school that one attended. One typically only uses the term after graduating from the school. I am visiting my alma mater this weekend, and I hope that some of my old professors are still there. Your alma mater did not fare so well in the big game!
2. A school's official song. In high school, we had to memorize the words to our alma mater. They play the alma mater every year at graduation.
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the alma mater

the official song of a school, college or university We ended our class reunion by singing the alma mater.
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your alma mater

the school, college, or university where you studied She has been offered the position of professor of international economic policy at Princeton, her alma mater.
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alma mater

Also, Alma Mater. The school or college one attended and, usually, graduated from, as in During football season I always check to see how my alma mater is doing. This expression sometimes refers to the institution's official song, as in I never did learn the words to my college's alma mater. The term is Latin for "kind mother." [c. 1800]
See also: alma, mater
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I look forward to seeing Mater Academy's students continue on to college and make their positive mark on the world.
A Unison spokesman said: "The Mater Hospital Unison branch categorically condemns the Belfast Trust's decision to stop paediatrics being treated within the Mater ED department.
The Mater Private has a long history in the provision of healthcare, and is committed to improving our patients' experiences and outcomes.
He insisted Mr Conlon's job as CEO of the Mater and his role as chairman of the private building firm did not cause any conflict of interest.
8220;Most high school curricula do not include a class on personal finance, so a lot of young people enter adulthood without a toolkit for financial success,” said Mater Dei President Patrick Murphy.
Combining such varied artistic forms as text and flamenco music and classical Arabic instrumentation may seem a challenging project, which is the very reason "Stabat Mater Furiosa" promises to be a one-of-a-kind performance.
Spies Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell are on a mission to thwart the evil plans of Professor Zundapp when they first encounter Mater in Tokyo - mistaking him for their American contact.
It's very hard to stay with a team like Mater Dei that has five really good players.
Alma Mater is beautifully bred, being a half-sister to dual Champion Stakes winner Alborada and Albanova, who lifted three Group 1s in Germany.
As a result, Mater has become a leading expert on forest certification, spearheading pilot projects across the U.
If you are a graduate of an HBCU, write a check to your alma mater today.
the online auction house) made a tidy little gift of $30 million to her alma mater, Princeton University.
Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Chikara Sakaguchi said Tuesday the ministry will ask medical institutions across the nation to preserve medical records of patients who underwent transplants of dura mater.
Health minister Chikara Sakaguchi said Thursday the government will try to reach an early settlement in two damages suits over Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) contracted from transplants of infected dura mater.
The idea of a creating a new musical setting for the Stabat Mater is not really new.