mate with

mate someone with someone

 and mate an animal with some other animal
to pair or breed people or animals. The king sought to mate his daughter with the son of a magician. Harry wanted to mate his guppies with June's guppies.
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mate with someone

to marry with someone, and presumably, to copulate with someone. Did you meet anyone you would like to mate with and spend the rest of your life with?
See also: mate
References in classic literature ?
After a quick interchange of dates a silence fell; and I thought suddenly of my absurd mate with his terrific whiskers and the "Bless my soul--you don't say so" type of intellect.
Our young friend listened to the mate with a queer sense of discomfort growing on him.
When this was done, and all safe upon deck, the captain ordered the mate, with three men, to break into the round-house, where the new rebel captain lay, who, having taken the alarm, had got up, and with two men and a boy had got firearms in their hands; and when the mate, with a crow, split open the door, the new captain and his men fired boldly among them, and wounded the mate with a musket ball, which broke his arm, and wounded two more of the men, but killed nobody.
Only when the lark shall mate with the nightingale, and the honey-bee and the clock-beetle keep house together, shall I wed another maid.
In the present study area, nesting as well as chick-rearing and most of the feeding by the pair took place within the territories, and choosing a mate with a high quality territory must clearly be of importance to the female lapwings.
Product development has continued with the market segmentation created by "Union" the first light flavored mate in 1982, with Taragui Mate Listo in 1992, which is mate-to-go in a disposable container, needing only water, with a low caffeine product called "Relax," which has a percentage of Ilex Dumosa, a variety with no caffeine which was made commercially viable by Las Marias agricultural engineers, and "Bio," the first yerba mate with natural prebiotics.
Most prior research showed that an animal would choose a mate with MHC that is the most divergent from its own so that offspring will have more effective immune systems.
Any of these males that did not mate with the female presented them in the first run were tested in the same way with a second virgin female, and if they mated with the second female, they were then paired with a third virgin female.
In contrast, adult chimps of both sexes mate with many partners.
Organic Green Mate Tea Chai--green leaf mate with a blend of Asian spices.
Males mated with to three randomly selected, unrelated virgin females, and each male was given two chances to mate with each female.
On the contrary, the strain did not mate with JEC20 (MATa D) or with IUM 96-2828 (MATa A).
ALTHOUGH monogamy is common enough in birds and mammals, lizards tend to have more promiscuous or potygynous breeding systems in which males attempt to mate with several females in a defended territory.
For instance, peahens prefer to mate with long-tailed peacocks, while women prefer tall men.