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Despite its early "foot faults," the IRS is committed to K-1 matching.
The detective responds to the witness' account by matching her words.
That has meant candidates for citywide office have been able to raise campaign contributions since April, and could have benefited from a retroactive application of the matching fund program.
Even the most complex technology should seamlessly integrate with your normal color-management routine so that the system continuously improves first-shot matching without any special effort on the users' part.
Job matching and placements is one of the most vital parts of the rehabilitation process.
Expected value of the matching shares amounts to SEK 2,200,000 after tax excluding an assumption of share price appreciation.
Description of the safe-harbor nonelective or matching contribution formula;
To put it another way, therapist-client matching may turn out to hold at least as much research promise as patient-treatment matching-especially since the value of patient-treatment matching, at least for now, remains unclear.
401(k)(12) provides that, if an employer makes either (1) a nonelective contribution of 3% of compensation for all eligible non-HCEs (regardless of whether they make elective contributions) or (2) non-discretionary matching contributions of 100% of the first 3% of employee elective contributions and 50% of the next 2%, the safe harbor is met for the cash or deferred portion of the plan.
This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled Pattern Recognition provides a technological assessment of the emerging pattern matching techniques/algorithms and products pertaining to network intrusion detection and network security applications, with an insight into the future of these technologies.
a leading global provider of high-quality interoperable biometric identity applications and solutions, today announced its partnership with Innovatrics, a leading provider of advanced algorithms and consulting services, to license Innovatrics' Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test (MINEX) compliant Minutiae ANSI/INCITS 378 Matching Algorithm.
The product now makes use of advance "fuzzy-logic" matching modes and includes 2 new matching algorithms: distance matching and business demographic matching.
MyHandshake, a revolutionary business network founded on trust, integrity and personal accountability, selected the Netrics Matching Engine to deliver a unified, streamlined view of its master data.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- OMX's (STO:OMX) Board of Directors, subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting, has resolved to establish a share matching program for senior managers.
The company has noted a sea change in the development and design requirements of its customers, who are demanding ever more sophisticated, higher performance and specially fitted Matching Networks for their plasma processes, to accommodate the ever changing demands of the semiconductor industry.