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A naturally conceived fetus in a family with a genetic disorder such as thalassemia has less than a 20 percent chance of being disease free and immunity matched.
Latter-day Saint singles interested in being matched with a potential partner by LDSPromise.
72 players matched three numbers plus the MegaBall and won
1,880 players matched two numbers plus the MegaBall and won
57,618 players matched two numbers and each won $1.
63,004 players matched two numbers and each won $1.
Friday night's FANTASY 5 drawing resulted in no player matching all five numbers which produced 292 "Roll down" winners who correctly matched 4-of-5 sharing $283,970.
In 2003, more than 21,000 people were matched to residencies in the "Main Match" and over 2,000 to subspecialty positions.
A GUI-based review tool provides for further evaluation of matched records, enabling the user to decide which matches to reject and which to research further on a match-by-match basis.
Called RONexchange-match, the thousands of jobs posted at RON by recruiters and staffing firms are now dynamically matched against each recruiter's profile to enhance collaboration and cooperation (called splits in the industry) between them.
Matched against the 130+ Specialties/Geographic Areas maintained in each member's profile, recruiters simply click a link to view a customized ranked list of split jobs based on a combination of location, industry, and job function.
Creating a display profile is the only way to ensure color matched results from your printer.
with red hair and green eyes could be matched with his dream woman , a model enthusiast looking for her dream man , a six footer with a medium build, automatically, by computer.
These photographs will be published online at the services website, available to members who are matched by PhotoSingles Inc.