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Latter-day Saint singles interested in being matched with a potential partner by LDSPromise.
72 players matched three numbers plus the MegaBall and won
63,004 players matched two numbers and each won $1.
The National Resident Matching Program Board of Directors voted this week to require medical residency programs to provide applicants with the contract they would be expected to sign if they matched to their program.
1 million to institutions of higher education in 2002, which was matched by the ExxonMobil Foundation with more than $16.
Proving that opposites do attract, Taco Bell successfully matched up mild Monterey and spicy Pepper Jack cheese in its latest menu creation, the Monterey Chicken Quesadilla.
A GUI-based review tool provides for further evaluation of matched records, enabling the user to decide which matches to reject and which to research further on a match-by-match basis.
Called RONexchange-match, the thousands of jobs posted at RON by recruiters and staffing firms are now dynamically matched against each recruiter's profile to enhance collaboration and cooperation (called splits in the industry) between them.
Creating a display profile is the only way to ensure color matched results from your printer.