match wits

match wits (with someone)

Fig. to enter into intellectual competition with someone. Whenever I try to match wits with Fred, he always ends up running circles around me with his clever repartee.
See also: match, wit
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When the brothers finally catch up with the killers, they are seriously outnumbered as they match wits, muscle, and skill with the men who murdered their parents.
With tensions ready to erupt within her own borders and the future of her nation at stake, the one woman who can match wits with Solomon undertakes the journey of a lifetime in a daring bid to test and win the king.
Dr R Seetharaman, Group CEO of Doha Bank, said: "The annual quiz competition provides an opportunity for staff at different levels of the organisation to match wits and test their knowledge of current affairs as well as of specific topics and subject areas.
When Max has to match wits against a shark, he learns that being a "Big Fish" isn't just about size
STEVEN Pressley won't have to match wits with Peter Taylor when the Sky Blues travel to Gillingham later this month, the Kent club confirming yesterday that they have sacked their manager after 14 months in charge at Priestfield.
It's challenging to match wits with mother nature and ducks.
The silence, however, belies the immense level of strategy and calculation taking place as some of the area's top chess players match wits.
Stevens is forced to match wits with his enigmatic client and deal with uncooperative witnesses and hostile hospital employees in order to decipher the conflicting clues and uncover the truth.
LEADING chess enthusiasts in the Kingdom are set to match wits in the Telugu Kala Samithi (TKS) Open Chess Tournament to be held tomorrow at the TKS premises in Adliya.
They easily match wits with those out to drive them away.
Biggie Smalls, as he was then known, was just a street level drug dealer when he proved able to match wits in rap battles across Brooklyn, stringing together impromptu rhymes delivered with precision.
You can challenge your friends on Facebook, battle a buddy from your contact list, or match wits with a stranger.
Get ready to match wits with 15 pairs of clever curators in an effort to determine the true nature or purpose of mysterious artifacts and objects from the ROM's vaults.
Or is it because you've realised you'll never be able to match wits with Dominic King?
Tonight there's as impressive array of sporting minds with whom to match wits, as the regulars are joined by former boxer Ricky Hatton, football pundit Mark Lawrenson, French rugby player Serge Betsen and Manchester United striker Michael Owen.