match for

match for (someone, something, or an animal)

someone, something, or an animal that is the equal of someone, something, or some other animal, especially in a contest. My older brother is no match for me; he's much weaker. Your horse is no match for mine in a race. Mine will always win.
See also: match
References in classic literature ?
The princess for her part, going round the question in the manner peculiar to women, maintained that Kitty was too young, that Levin had done nothing to prove that he had serious intentions, that Kitty felt no great attraction to him, and other side issues; but she did not state the principal point, which was that she looked for a better match for her daughter, and that Levin was not to her liking, and she did not understand him.
It would not be a great match for her; but if Henrietta liked him,"-- and Henrietta did seem to like him.
it would be a capital match for either of his sisters.
You know," said she, "I cannot think him at all a fit match for Henrietta; and considering the alliances which the Musgroves have made, she has no right to throw herself away.
It would not be a great match for Henrietta, but Charles has a very fair chance, through the Spicers, of getting something from the Bishop in the course of a year or two; and you will please to remember, that he is the eldest son; whenever my uncle dies, he steps into very pretty property.
Nguyen-Amor's 6-0 win over Chatsworth's Andy Nelson clinched the match for Granada Hills at 3:30 p.
The Preem Lysekil Women's Match for the Stena Bulk Trophy will be inaugurated on 1 August and the races will take place on 2-6 August.
I'm impressed with the turnout,'' said Chaiyutt Vacharasanee, who has tried through four previous bone marrow drives to find a life-saving match for his son, Piya.
The proposed changes also could give participating candidates a 2-to-1 match for money raised from individuals up to a limit, as well as a 2-to-1 match whenever another candidate in a given race exceeds the spending limit.
Then fingerprint records will be electronically compared against state and local Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) and, if necessary, the FBI's database of 47 million records to try to determine a match for identification.
The fluke point capped a frustrating match for Hanley, who missed four serves.
The Cullman family will participate in the transition of the day-to-day operations to Swedish Match for the remainder of the year.
The Bruins will play the winner of Friday night's Hawaii-UC Santa Barbara match for an automatic berth in next week's NCAA championships at UCLA.
The terms of the additional performance match for senior managers are based on an average annual percentage growth rate in earnings per share ("EPS") between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2007, with annualized first half 2004 EPS as the starting point.
NYSE:MPP) and Swedish Match AB (NASDAQ:SWMAY) announced today that they have entered into a definitive Asset Purchase Agreement for the sale of General Cigar's mass-market cigar business to Swedish Match for $200 million in cash.