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the unwashed masses

The broader general public, especially those of the lower and lower-middle classes. The film didn't cause too great a stir with the unwashed masses, but it has been considered a milestone in cinematic achievement among film critics. The world of the super-rich is one that we among the unwashed masses can't even begin to understand.
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en masse

In one group or body; all together. For example, The activists marched en masse to the capitol. This French term, with exactly the same meaning, was adopted into English about 1800.
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the masses

The body of common people, or people of low socioeconomic status, as in TV sitcoms are designed to appeal to the masses. This idiom is nearly always used in a snobbish context that puts down the taste, intelligence, or some other quality of the majority of people. W.S. Gilbert satirized this view in the peers' march in Iolanthe (1882), in which the lower-middle class and the masses are ordered to bow down before the peers. Prime Minister William Gladstone took a different view (Speech, 1886): "All the world over, I will back the masses against the [upper] classes." [First half of 1800s]
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the opium of the people


the opium of the masses

The opium of the people or the opium of the masses is something that makes a lot of people feel happy. He saw religion as the opium of the people. I see the reality show as the new opium of the masses. Note: This phrase was used by Karl Marx to describe religion.
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the opium of the people (or masses)

something regarded as inducing a false and unrealistic sense of contentment among people.
This idiom is a translation of the German phrase Opium des Volks, used by Karl Marx in 1844 in reference to religion.
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L'echographie permet d'objectiver une masse kystique de contenu homogene et hypoechogene a parois fines.
Partners Alicia Masse and Greg Coppola, founded Alderney Advisors with Andrews in 2013 to provide management consulting, supply risk management, interim management, and related restructuring and turnaround services to clients primarily in the automotive, manufacturing, and banking industries.
BAGHDAD - Displaced Iraqis, many from the Yazidi minority, who have been stranded in a jihadist-hemmed mountain for a week will die en masse if not rescued urgently, a Yazidi MP said Saturday.
Masse is a seasoned, results-driven leader with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, most recently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Precision Partners Inc.
the members made a decision to submit their resignations en masse to the head of the commission and await his approval," it added.
During his tenure, Masse implemented a culture of teamwork and accountability across the businesses, which resulted in 19 percent revenue increase, 38 percent EBITDA growth and record cash flow.
BEIRUT: A member of a prominent opposition group demanded Monday that the National Coalition leadership resign en masse for its failure to defend Syrians inside the country.
The episodes feature Masse, the co-creator and his friendly, blue-haired sidekick, Muffalo Potato, a puppet.
If they do come en masse, many will fly to the UK and, if so, Cardiff Airport, among several other regional airports within the UK, will be a reception centre for flights diverted from major airports close to large centres of population, so that the public services at the large centres of population will not become overwhelmed by sheer weight of numbers.
Hausse de 5,8 pc de l'agregat M3 de la masse monetaire en glissement annuel (BAM)
Une jeune femme agee de 25 ans qui ressent une masse dure dans le sein qui fuit sous le doigt a la palpation comme une souris est un fibroadenome benin.
If such proves to be the brutal reality then perhaps it's time for all councillors to resign en masse and throw the gauntlet at the government.
Egypt's striking doctors have threatened to up the ante and submit their resignations en masse.
According to the website, his installations enable individiuals "en masse, without their clothing, grouped together (to) metamorphose into a new shape".
South Korea's opposition leader Han Myeong Sook called Wednesday on President Lee Myung Bak to apologize and replace the entire Cabinet en masse for a series of corruption scandals implicating his close aides.