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(one's) mask slips

One's true personality, agenda, or motivation has been revealed, which stands in contrast to what was presented to other people. Her masked slipped for just a moment, and everyone could see the contempt she really held for her audience.
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mask something out

to conceal or cover part of something from view. The trees masked the city dump out, so it could not be seen from the street. The trees masked out the dump.
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His trionfo, for example, does not entirely aim to represent a parade float as it actually appeared, not only because the gods' nudity is real and not feigned, but also because the centaurs and fauns are "real" and not masked paraders whose costumes have been supplemented by painted paper cutouts.
One example is the sestina Fuggo i bei raggi del mio ardente Sole of 1466, which is about Lorenzo's love for Lucrezia masked as Diana, and was sent her by way of Braccio Martelli and the brigata, who helped interpret it to her and for themselves.
Simonetta is there masked as Lorenzo's own first love, a poetic role she had never played, and appears as Venus, the morning star, and the brightest light of heaven.
They can be understood only in terms of the historical persons and events thinly masked by their poetic diguisements.
Accordingly, even though the banner is lost, its allegory is really quite easy to read: Giuliano's fortune in the joust was dedicated to Simonetta who was masked on his standard as the virgin Pallas gazing steadily toward the sun, thereby showing his devotion to an idea of Chastity and sapient conquering of carnal love (the bound Cupid), and his desire to enter the field and win glory (the sun) for the Medici house (the broncone).
In the Stanze Venus had earlier announced her intention to induce Julio, whom Cupid boasted was now chained to his triumphal carro (the result of Julio's misreading of Simonetta masked as a nymph, despite her warning that she is not what he thinks), to enter the field in order to win a second triumph "for our glory," and not Julio's.
The Musketeers decide to liberate Philippe, give him a crash course in royalty and then pull the old switcheroo during a masked ball.
After playing the Lone Ranger on tube and screen, after decades of melding Hollywood hero-worship and the reality of his own life, Moore has plenty to say, much of it a new book called ``I Was That Masked Man.
No one else played the masked man for so long or so completely.
What: Book signing of his memoirs, ``I Was That Masked Man.
We'll assume that you already know who that masked man was.
Before taking the Lone Ranger role, Moore portrayed another famous masked man in a highly popular movie serial.