mask slips

somebody's mask slips

if someone's mask slips, they do something which shows people their real personality, when they have been pretending to be a different, usually nicer, type of person
Usage notes: A mask is something that covers your face to hide it.
His mask had suddenly slipped, and she saw him as the angry and cruel man that he really was.
See also: mask, slip
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Craig's mask slips Craig Brown chats with his imaginary friend ahead of the Keith Lasley testimonial, telling him: 'Did I ever tell you about the time I led Scotland to a World Cup and the Euros?
but then that mask slips and you can see the mentality underneath.
Boris is always on show - but in the rare moments the mask slips he is a very different man.
Labour's Constitutional Affairs spokeswoman Patricia Ferguson said: "The mask slips and their true feelings come to the surface.
You'd think over the years you would lose all your emotions but you don't" The mask slips just a little as Lester recalls his 'second coming' on Breeders' Cup Mile hero Royal Academy ''The nerves were gone off the Richter scale.
Simon Dutton is wonderfully buttoned up as Jack, so that when his mask slips the shock is greater.
We all like to make a good first impression, and it really does count because when the mask slips, and our true selves are revealed, then at least people have those fond memories of the first meeting to cling to.
Every now and then the mask slips and we get to see how out of touch with reality some senior Tories actually are and what they actually think of us common mortals.
Unfortunately, the mask slips when Leanne tells him that not only will she not be coming with him to the play, she's resigning, causing self-pitying Peter to hit the bottle.
The Sloane mask slips 'round the ankles like panties.
The disguise is holding up but it's only a matter of time before the mask slips.
But occasionally, the mask slips and taxpayers get a glimpse of how spending decisions are really made.
It is at the moments when the Tory mask slips, as it did when Halfon left a restaurant in London's Covent Garden, that we see the real face of the Conservative Party.
Emma Thompson captures the stiff upper–lipped Travers so well that when the mask slips at the film's LA premiere, you share in her emotional reaction.
His mask slips, and the raw arrogance of the Tory media is let rip.