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mash on something

to press on something, such as a button. (Southern.) He kept mashing on the doorbell until someone responded. Just mash on this button if you want someone to come.
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mash something up

to crush something into a paste or pieces. Mash the potatoes up and put them in a bowl. Mash up the potatoes and serve them to our guests.
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mash something with something

1. to use something to mash something up. Vernon mashed the potatoes with a spoon because he couldn't find the masher. Gerald used the heel of his shoe to mash the wasp.
2. to combine ingredients while mashing. Mash the turnips with the butter. She mashed the potatoes with sour cream, cream cheese, and a little garlic salt.
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mash up

1. To combine some recordings to produce a composite recording: The DJ mashed popular songs up. The DJ mashed up two songs by The Beatles. The DJ mashed the popular song up with an old blues song.
2. To mash something completely: The cook mashed up the potatoes. I threw the turnips into a bowl and mashed them up.
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in. to neck and pet. (Collegiate.) Who are those two mashing in the corner?


mod. alcohol intoxicated. Both guys were so mashed. I called my brother, who came and rescued me.
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and mish-mosh (ˈmɪʃmæʃ and ˈmɪʃmɑʃ)
n. a mixture; a disorderly conglomeration. There’s no theme or focus. It’s just a mish-mash.
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The PLT knew its work with MASH was paying off when MASH Program Manager Jim Kiesendahl received the following message from Rosa Laveaga, manager of the city's Parks and Natural Resources Division of the Public Works and Transportation Department: "This week, Mike Monroe and I have made four job offers to MASH workers.
Paul Currer, defending, said that Mash had worked hard all his life and he was deeply ashamed.
With thousands of ways of preparing mash, most on the table in under half For mash get TV ads made robots a seventies an hour, it's no wonder it has been a family favourite for so long.
The national promotion was designed to encourage parents and their kids to have fun in the kitchen together and underscored the breakthrough convenience of Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash potatoes, which are chunks of pre-peeled potatoes ready to microwave and mash in minutes.
Boasting a menu made up of traditional British classic dishes and over eight different flavours of handmade mash, Mash House is the perfect location for a night out with a loved one, a catch-up with friends or a meal with the family.
Creamy mash replaces ice cream, there's a sausage instead of a Flake, gravy instead of chocolate sauce and peas in place of sprinkles.
Mash Direct, a unique award-winning enterprise, was launched in 2004 as a natural progression of its owners' 20 years of experience growing vegetables on their farm.
Won't eat Baked butternut squash; Might eat Roast butternut squash; Will eat Potato and butternut mash
Mash is such a flexible recipe, but so often under-appreciated and considered bland, which is simply not true.
The Bear Hotel in Crickhowell, Powys, is one of six venues throughout Britain hoping to win the honour of the best sausage and mash pub.
The Sunday Mercury has come up with two great mash dishes taken from a simple new set of recipes published by the British Potato Council.
The brand known for its potato prowess is turning to parents across the country and asking their kids to draw fun new ways to mash real chunks of potatoes for a chance to win $5,000 in the Steam n' Mash "Mash Destruction" contest at www.
Put into a container while still hot and either crush up with a potato masher or through a potato ricer - better as it gets the mash finer.
The latest addition to Novozymes' portfolio of traditional enzymes for juice processing is Pectinex Ultra Mash, a first mashing product that extracts more juice from every apple.