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marry the gunner's daughter

obsolete naval Of a seaman, to be bound to a cannon or other such armament and flogged or lashed as corporal punishment. The first mate ended up marrying the gunner's daughter for attempting to bring about a mutiny on the ship.
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marry beneath (oneself)

To marry someone who is of a lower social class or standing than oneself. A: "I hear that Mr. Sullivan plans to marry a local fishmonger's daughter." B: "Why would a man of his esteem marry beneath himself like that?" Janet has a bright future with one of the best law firms in town, so it's beyond me why she's marrying beneath herself with some fast food worker.
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marry above (one's) station

To marry someone who is of a higher social class or standing than oneself. A: "I hear that the local fishmonger's daughter is betrothed to a rich foreign lawyer!" B: "My word, she's certainly marrying above her station, isn't she?" For all the talk that social classes have been wiped away in recent years, you will still find people who believe one can't or shouldn't marry above one's station.
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marry into money

To become wealthy or financially secure by marrying someone who is wealthy or has a wealthy family. Ever since he married into money, George has been flaunting all of the exotic vacations he and his new wife take. During college, when I had barely enough money to eat each day, I vowed that someday I'd marry into money and start living a much more comfortable life.
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marry (someone) for (his or her) money

To marry someone solely or primarily to have access to his or her personal wealth. Given the extreme age difference between them, a lot of people speculated that she was simply marrying Donald for his money. I think it's quite sad that people would marry for money rather than true love of their spouse.
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never marry for money, but marry where money is

Wealth should not be one's primary focus in choosing a spouse, but it is an important consideration. A: "My fiancée is not exactly rich, but she does have a well-paying job." B: "That's good. Never marry for money, but marry where money is."
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be (not) the marrying kind

To be a person who is interested in getting married. This phrase is often used in the negative to convey a disinterest in or opposition to marriage. Considering how many the women he's dated in the past year alone, Jack is not the marrying kind! Oh, you're the marrying kind—you just haven't met the right person yet.
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marry above (oneself)

To marry someone who is of a higher social class or standing than oneself. A: "I hear that the local fishmonger's daughter is betrothed to a rich foreign lawyer!" B: "My word, she's certainly marrying above herself, isn't she?" For all the talk that social classes have been wiped away in recent years, you will still find people who believe one can't or shouldn't marry above oneself.
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marry above oneself

Fig. to marry someone in a higher social class than oneself. They say she married above herself, but who cares? Scott thought it would not be possible to marry above himself.
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marry below oneself

 and marry beneath oneself
Fig. to marry someone in a lower social class than oneself. He married beneath himself, but he is happy, and what more is required of a marriage? He did not want to marry beneath himself.
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Marry in haste, (and) repent at leisure.

Prov. If you marry someone you do not know well, or decide to marry someone without first carefully considering what you are doing, you will probably regret it for a long time. Sally wanted some time to consider Sam's proposal of marriage; she had heard the saying, "Marry in haste, and repent at leisure."
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marry into something

to become a part of a family or a fortune by marriage. She married into money, they say. I always wanted to marry into a large family until I found out what that means in terms of buying gifts.
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marry one's way out of something

to get out of something, such as poverty, by marrying someone. She was able to marry her way out of poverty but regretted it in the long run. Sally married her way out of one unhappy home into another one.
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marry someone off (to someone)

to manage to get someone married to someone and out of the house or family. Her parents wanted nothing more than to marry her off to a doctor. They married off their children soon.
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marry up (with someone)

Rur. to marry someone. They married up in the spring. Jane's going to marry up with someone she met at school.
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marry beneath your station

to marry someone who belongs to a lower social class than you Her father, who felt that she had married beneath her station, refused to speak to her.
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Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

something that you say which means if you marry someone too soon, without knowing for certain that they are the right person for you, you will have an unhappy marriage It's true I've only known him for six months and I know you're thinking 'marry in haste, repent at leisure' but I'm telling you, he's the man for me.
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not be the marrying kind

if a man is not the marrying kind, he does not want to be married
Usage notes: People sometimes use this phrase to mean that the man is homosexual (= sexually attracted to other men).
George has had several girlfriends, but he's not the marrying kind.
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References in classic literature ?
Well, sir, I am going to marry Agatha, as I sent you word.
There was that liking him the more she knew him and at the same time wanting to marry him less.
Why, he had doubled his fortune, made fifteen millions, since the day she first came to work for him, and behold, any willingness to marry him she might have possessed had diminished as his money had increased.
She likes me more and more, and the more she likes me the less she'd care to marry me
Bute Crawley and the family at the Rectory, and Sir Pitt has been and proposed for to marry Miss Sharp, wherein she has refused him, to the wonder of all.
that there was nobody to marry them; that they agreed before the governor to keep them as their wives, and to maintain them and own them as their wives; and they thought, as things stood with them, they were as legally married as if they had been married by a parson and with all the formalities in the world.
I therefore told them that unless I was assured of their honest intent, I could do nothing for them, but would take care that what I did should be for the women and children without them; and that, unless they would give me some assurances that they would marry the women, I could not think it was convenient they should continue together as man and wife; for that it was both scandalous to men and offensive to God, who they could not think would bless them if they went on thus.
Indeed, I was afraid his scruples would have been carried so far as that he would not have married them at all; nay, notwithstanding all I was able to say to him, he resisted me, though modestly, yet very steadily, and at last refused absolutely to marry them, unless he had first talked with the men and the women too; and though at first I was a little backward to it, yet at last I agreed to it with a good will, perceiving the sincerity of his design.
When he came to them he let them know that I had acquainted him with their circumstances, and with the present design; that he was very willing to perform that part of his function, and marry them, as I had desired; but that before he could do it, he must take the liberty to talk with them.
When his first wife failed to give birth to a child, his family, including his wife, compelled him to marry another woman, but he refused.
Young Conservatives Launch Campaign to Encourage More Conservatives to Stand Up, Speak Out, and Support the Freedom to Marry
The winner of the joust gets to name which of the daughters he wants to marry and if she is available they will be married the next day.
The law was later amended allowing Omanis to marry nationals of GCC states.
I never regret my marriages, if I can turn the time back I will do the same thing once again, I am now married to four women, but if I wasn't I will marry more.
If Dolly Parton married Salvador Dali, she'd be Dolly Dali; if Olivia Newton-John married Wayne Newton, then divorced him to marry Elton John, she'd be Olivia Newton-John Newton John.