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chill (one) to the marrow

To make or be very cold. A pronoun does not have to be used between "chill" and "to." ("Marrow" is the soft tissue found inside bones.) Primarily heard in UK, Australia. After shoveling snow for hours, I am just chilled to the marrow. The wind from the mountain chilled us to the marrow.
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*chilled to the bone

Fig. very cold. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I got chilled to the bone in that snowstorm. The children were chilled to the bone from their swim in the ocean.
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chill somebody to the bone/marrow

to make someone feel very frightened The sound of scraping at the window chilled me to the bone.
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be chilled to the bone/marrow

to be very cold After an hour standing at the bus stop I was chilled to the bone.
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be chilled/frozen to the marrow

  (British & Australian)
to be extremely cold
Usage notes: Marrow is the soft material in the middle of your bones.
After an hour on the mountain, we were chilled to the marrow.
See chill to the bone, be chilled to the bone
See also: chill, marrow

chilled to the bone

Also, chilled to the marrow. Extremely or bitterly cold, as in After skiing in the wind for five hours straight, I was chilled to the bone. These hyperboles replaced the earlier idea of one's blood freezing and are more picturesque than the current synonym frozen.
See also: bone, chill
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We believe this novel and innovative system addresses a large unmet clinical need to gain access to sufficient adult-bone marrow derived cells in a safe, convenient and reliable manner," said Paul Yock, MD, Weiland Professor of Medicine and Bioengineering and Director, Program in Biodesign, Stanford University.
Previous research had shown that certain bone marrow cells can be coaxed into becoming fat cells in the lab.
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Prather will develop strategies for enhancing our North American activities; that PLX technology is immunologically privileged and offers a significant advantage to patients facing immune reactions to cell therapy such as autoimmune disorders, that our company have developed a solution that could be used to replace the traditional bone marrow transplant search and match process; that we expect our first products to be cell grafts that will provide an efficient and superior alternative to the standard procedure of bone marrow transplantation; and our first adult stem cell product targets a critical global shortfall of matched tissue for bone marrow transplantation.
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