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marry the gunner's daughter

obsolete naval Of a seaman, to be bound to a cannon or other such armament and flogged or lashed as corporal punishment. The first mate ended up marrying the gunner's daughter for attempting to bring about a mutiny on the ship.
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marry beneath (oneself)

To marry someone who is of a lower social class or standing than oneself. A: "I hear that Mr. Sullivan plans to marry a local fishmonger's daughter." B: "Why would a man of his esteem marry beneath himself like that?" Janet has a bright future with one of the best law firms in town, so it's beyond me why she's marrying beneath herself with some fast food worker.
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marry above (one's) station

To marry someone who is of a higher social class or standing than oneself. A: "I hear that the local fishmonger's daughter is betrothed to a rich foreign lawyer!" B: "My word, she's certainly marrying above her station, isn't she?" For all the talk that social classes have been wiped away in recent years, you will still find people who believe one can't or shouldn't marry above one's station.
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marry into money

To become wealthy or financially secure by marrying someone who is wealthy or has a wealthy family. Ever since he married into money, George has been flaunting all of the exotic vacations he and his new wife take. During college, when I had barely enough money to eat each day, I vowed that someday I'd marry into money and start living a much more comfortable life.
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marry (someone) for (his or her) money

To marry someone solely or primarily to have access to his or her personal wealth. Given the extreme age difference between them, a lot of people speculated that she was simply marrying Donald for his money. I think it's quite sad that people would marry for money rather than true love of their spouse.
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get married

to become united as husband and wife. Bill and Sally got married when they were in college. We got married in Texas just after we graduated from college.
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have to get married

Euph. [for a couple] to get married because the woman is pregnant. They didn't have a long engagement. They had to get married, you see. They had to get married, and their first baby was born seven months later.
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Actors Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, married 56 years, made their final arrangements early: "Cremation after a public ceremony, and then, into an urn.
Most married moms said they were home specifically to care for the kids, while single mothers were more likely to say they couldn't find a job, were ill or disabled or were in school.
Now I'm married February 14 makes me feel like an even bigger loser than before.
In an article for the Daily Mail - a paper that still regards single women with cats as if we were living in the era of the Witchfinder General - the Prime Minister gushed about how millions of married couples are to receive a tax break to recognise their "commitment and responsibility".
Indiscretion: Married Michael Douglas has a fling with aggressive singleton Glenn Close; she insists that there's a little more to it than that.
Among these marrieds, those with children are of the most interest because they are the ones most likely to take pictures-lots of them.
Of course, as young marrieds we were pretty poor and were deep in the throws of child rearing.
Liz Smith reported in June in her syndicated column that estranged marrieds Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have sold their 12,000-square-foot Beverly Hills home to newly paired Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, With DeGeneres having just signed up for six more seasons of her Emmy-winning daytime talk show, it looks like those mortgage payments will be no problem.
There must be plenty of single parents who spend less than childless marrieds in night-clubs across the land.
Fact is, singles get a worse break from the tax code than marrieds do.
For most taxpayers, the credit phases out at a rate of $50 for every $1,000 of AGI exceeding $110,000 for joint filers, $55,000 for marrieds filing separately, or $75,000 for single and head of household filers.
Lovers Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon, David Duchovny and wife Tea Leoni and old marrieds Nicolas Cage and Patricia Arquette are three odd couples who love to be different.
Even though many of these books may seem out-of-date today, I am including them because they were influential in enriching a generation of marrieds albeit marriage enrichment was not their intention.
In such case, the exclusion is $250,000 ($500,000 for marrieds filing jointly) multiplied by the portion that the shorter of (a) the aggregate periods during which the ownership and use requirements were met during the five-year period ending on the date of sale, or b) the period after the date of the most recent sale or exchange to which the exclusion applied, bears to two years.
While we were doing well with single people and young marrieds, once they had children, we were doing less well.