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marriage inequality

A term applied to same-sex couples that are not able to have their relationship legally recognized (such as by marriage). I hate that my sister is subject to marriage inequality just because she is in a relationship with a woman.
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marriage made in heaven

A very happy marriage or partnership. Cindy and Mark look so happy together. That's a marriage made in heaven. Merging our bakery with the ice cream parlor next door was a great idea—it's a marriage made in heaven.
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shotgun marriage

A marriage that happens quickly due to an unplanned pregnancy. We knew it was a shotgun marriage when Frank's new wife had a baby five months after the wedding.
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traditional marriage

1. A term for marriage between a man and a woman, typically used used by those who consider the marriage of a same-sex couple to not be legitimate. Of course I value traditional marriage, but I don't understand why same-sex marriage can't be legal as well.
2. A marriage featuring the traditional customs of a particular group or society. In this country, a traditional marriage is celebrated with a lengthy religious ceremony attended by the entire town.
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white marriage

A marriage that has not been consummated. This phrase is perhaps better known as its French counterpart, "mariage blanc." Due to my husband's serious illness, we have had to have a white marriage.
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an open marriage

A marriage between two people who do not object to each other continuing to have other sexual or romantic partners. A: "Lila has a new boyfriend? I thought she was married to Chad." B: "Oh, they have an open marriage." Don't worry, I still date other people—my wife and I have an open marriage.
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Dream of a funeral and you hear of a marriage.

 and Dream of a funeral and you hear of a wedding.
Prov. If you dream that a person has died, you will learn that person is to be married. Alan: I had a dream last night that my sister was killed. Jane: Dream of a funeral and you hear of a marriage.
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a marriage made in heaven

 and a match made in heaven
a happy or harmonious marriage or partnership. (See also .) The partnership of George and Ira Gershwin was a match made in heaven; they wrote such beautiful songs.
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Marriages are made in heaven.

Prov. You cannot foretell who will marry whom.; Two people may love each other very much but may end up not marrying each other, and two people who do not even know each other may marry each other in the end. Tom and Eliza were childhood sweethearts, had a happy family, and now are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Marriages are made in heaven.
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a marriage made in heaven

a perfect combination of two people or things a match made in heaven He calls the deal between the two companies a marriage made in heaven.
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a marriage/match made in heaven

1. a marriage which is likely to be happy and successful because the two people are very well suited to each other Jane and Pete had exactly the same likes and interests - it was a marriage made in heaven.
2. a combination of two things or two people which is very successful Strawberries and cream are a marriage made in heaven.
See move heaven and earth, God help
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an open marriage

a marriage in which the partners are free to have sexual relationships with other people We have an open marriage, but I never tell my husband about my other lovers.
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a shotgun wedding

  (British, American & Australian old-fashioned) also a shotgun marriage (American old-fashioned)
a marriage that is arranged very quickly because the woman is going to have a baby After a shotgun wedding at 20, she had 3 children before divorcing from her husband.
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The marriage has destroyed this will, and has left Mr.
Thus the marriage was accompanied by circumstances so fateful, so alarming, so annihilating that no one dared to augur well of it.
Had Lydia's marriage been concluded on the most honourable terms, it was not to be supposed that Mr.
Madam," answered the rector, in great perplexity, "this strange occurrence brings to my mind a marriage sermon of the famous Bishop Taylor, wherein he mingles so many thoughts of mortality and future woe, that, to speak somewhat after his own rich style, he seems to hang the bridal chamber in black, and cut the wedding garment out of a coffin pall.
The respectful summons has been duly served," replied the clerk, rising, to lay before the mayor the papers annexed to the marriage certificate.
The marriage of Eleanor Tilney, her removal from all the evils of such a home as Northanger had been made by Henry's banishment, to the home of her choice and the man of her choice, is an event which I expect to give general satisfaction among all her acquaintance.
Since their marriage Natasha and her husband had lived in Moscow, in Petersburg, on their estate near Moscow, or with her mother, that is to say, in Nicholas' house.
I was telling Katharine a few little commonplaces about marriage," she said, with a little laugh.
Every argument seemed to be against undertaking the burden of marriage until he came to Rachel's argument, which was manifestly absurd.
Was it only her friends who thought her marriage unfortunate?
While the question of marriage was still in debate, an event occurred which exercised a serious influence on Hardyman's future plans.
While the topic of the Countess's marriage was still the one topic of conversation, a member of the club entered the smoking-room whose appearance instantly produced a dead silence.
There are marriages allowed in Scotland, Blanche, which are called Irregular Marriages--and very abominable things they are.
To the mistress of the house, and to all who inhabit it or enter it, she is known as Grace Roseberry, the orphan relative by marriage of Lady Janet Roy.
His thoughts reverted to his marriage with Natalie.