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by himself in a crowded market, to be stared at, pushed, and hired by some big strange farmer was very disagreeable--
Peter Thomas Piperson, came with a lantern and a hamper to catch six fowls to take to market in the morning.
It crossed Pigling's mind that if HE had asked for a lift, too, he might still have been in time for market.
On the one hand inforced destruction of a mass of productive forces; on the other, by the conquest of new markets, and by the more thorough exploitation of the old ones.
Many policemen crawled under the coal waggon for safety, while the loose horses, with here and there a policeman on their backs or struggling at their heads to hold them, surged across the sidewalk opposite the jam and broke into Market Street.
And she in the motor-car, watching, saw the pair cross Market Street, cross the Slot, and disappear down Third Street into the labour ghetto.
They've got to sell, for the Japs control the labor market and could bankrupt them at will.
At the tables and the barrows, at the booths and the shops, all the market people were closing their establishments or clearing away and packing up their wares and, like their customers, were going home.
There are now millions of reasons to market to multicultural markets--nearly 80 million to be exact.
According to an article in the Seattle-based Puget Sound Business Journal, disposable income of Hispanic-Americans is increasing three times faster than disposable income in the general market, while the approximately 7 million Asian-American consumers represent nearly $225 billion in purchasing power.
It also prohibits the Board from approving a proposed bank acquisition that would substantially lessen competition in any relevant banking market unless the anticompetitive effects of the proposal clearly are outweighed in the public interest by its probable effect in meeting the convenience and needs of the community to be served.
Kerry Hubbard, market research manager, Bayer CropScience Inc.
The Hollywood Stock Exchange, a Web-based virtual market that makes predictions about Hollywood stars and movies, correctly guessed 35 of last year's 40 Oscar nominees in the main categories.
MGIC's MTI is based on the Market Trend Analysis Report produced quarterly by MGIC's Credit Policy Department using lagging three-month market data from 73 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).