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marked man

A person who is targeted for harm or retaliation of some kind. After Ed alerted the authorities about the corruption that took place within the company, he became a marked man.
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*marked man

Fig. to be someone, usually a male, who is in danger from harm by someone else. (*Typically: be ~; live like ~.) Bob's a marked man. His parents found out that he's skipping school. Fred's a marked man, too. Jack is looking for him to get his money back.
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marked man, a

Also, marked woman. A person singled out as an object of suspicion, hostility, or vengeance. For example, As a witness to the robbery, he felt he was a marked man, or After her fiasco at the meeting, she was a marked woman-no one would hire her. This idiom was first recorded in 1833.
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a marked ˈman

a man who is in danger of being killed by his enemies: When they discovered he was a spy, he became a marked man.
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Two months following the completion of treatment, the amount of otorrhea in all patients had decreased markedly, and all patients expressed satisfaction with their treatment.
The centenarians' children weigh markedly less and are less likely to be taking multiple medications or to have high blood pressure or heart disease.
Repeat EEG again revealed high-amplitude, slow-wave complexes, but this time they arose from a diffusely and markedly slow background rhythm (Figure 2).
In quantity terms, the rates of growth of both imports and exports of goods and services slowed markedly from robust rates in 1994, in line with slower economic activity in the United States and abroad.
The company also reported its cash position has improved markedly as a result of partial payments by the government on its terminated contract settlement proposals and the sale of common stock during the quarter.
His study results indicate that prevention of the spike in circulating endothelial progenitor cells (CEPs) by antiangiogenic drugs or genetic manipulation resulted in markedly enhanced VDA antitumor activity.
In contrast, incubation with TCHQ or PCP at concentrations higher than 20 [micro]M induced apoptosis less markedly (data not shown).
Compared with the study group without mental disorders, family members of depressed adolescents show markedly elevated rates of major depression and moderately elevated rates of alcohol abuse, according to the team's study, which appears in the January ARCHIVES OF GENERAL PSYCHIATRY.
He had a direction-fixed right-beating nystagmus in all positions, which was markedly variable in the 300 supine position.
Results from a study of more than 84,000 women participating in the Nurses' Health Study indicate that lifestyle and diet can markedly affect a woman's risk of heart disease.
Together, gains in the two ends of the market pushed Tekelec's sales up markedly.
The plunge in expenditures for equipment included large declines in spending for computers, motor vehicles, and many types of industrial equipment; in contrast, outlays for aircraft were markedly higher.
For participants who used O24, 88% of the patients reported mild to markedly better improvement on the 7-point Lanier rating scale.
Improvements in imaging platforms, reporters, and detectors have provided markedly enhanced spatial and temporal resolution of biologic events in living systems.
Among the 78 patients with a dismissive attachment style, blood-glucose concentrations were markedly higher for those who reported poor communication with their physician than for the others.