marked man

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marked man

A person who is targeted for harm or retaliation of some kind. After Ed alerted the authorities about the corruption that took place within the company, he became a marked man.
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*marked man

Fig. to be someone, usually a male, who is in danger from harm by someone else. (*Typically: be ~; live like ~.) Bob's a marked man. His parents found out that he's skipping school. Fred's a marked man, too. Jack is looking for him to get his money back.
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marked man, a

Also, marked woman. A person singled out as an object of suspicion, hostility, or vengeance. For example, As a witness to the robbery, he felt he was a marked man, or After her fiasco at the meeting, she was a marked woman-no one would hire her. This idiom was first recorded in 1833.
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a marked ˈman

a man who is in danger of being killed by his enemies: When they discovered he was a spy, he became a marked man.
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He said: "Some of his bookings have been harsh and there is no question that he is a marked man - takes a battering every week.
He's going to find himself a very marked man out there because the only way to stop him in full flow is to bring him down.
He's a marked man out there because the only way to stop him is to put him down and he needs to be protected.
It's fair to say he has become a bit of a marked man - Fulham stuck tight to him and doubled up on him at times last Saturday.
My concern is that Gethin is a marked man and that there is a preconception out there with him," claimed McBryde.
by Janine Self MO FARAH admits he is a marked man this season as he made a winning return on home soil yesterday.
While some may disagree with the six-game suspension handed San Jose Sharks forward Raffi Torres for an illegal check against Jarret Stoll of the Los Angeles Kings, Don Cherry says Torres is a marked man and "does stupid things" to upset the NHL.
Tiger is still Tiger - everyone would love to see that pairing in the Ryder Cup - but obviously he (McIlroy) is a marked man.
AGE shows no sign of wearying the remarkable chaser Marked Man, who this afternoon makes his first appearance as a 16-yearold, with trainer Richard Lee expecting another bold showing from a pensioner who remains reluctant to be pensioned off, writes Lee Mottershead.
But Phillips insists: "I don't think I'll be a marked man any more than usual.
Having consistently left a trail of defenders in his wake since this year's Six Nations, he knows he has become a marked man.
Professional Footballers' Association chief executive Gordon Taylor fears Drogba is in danger of becoming a marked man with top-flight referees thanks to a succession of incidents which have brought his sportsmanship into question.
We all get frustrated by referees' decisions but I think he is becoming a marked man.
For some time Charles Johnson has been both a marksman and a marked man.