mark for life

mark someone for life

Fig. to affect someone for life. The tragedy marked her for life and she was never the same. She was marked for life by her brother's untimely death.
See also: life, mark
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Instead of having to read a brochure and transfer that to your body, you can just throw this T-shirt on," said Stacie Linsky, 28, who launched Mark for Life with business partner Elaine Banks, 43.
Lumps, bumps and knots are normal, but a doctor should be alerted to any changes, and the Mark for Life shirt makes detecting variations simple.
Alan Marks, medical director at Regional Consultants in Hematology and Oncology, the Mark for Life patent-pending T-shirt is a stretchy cotton/spandex blend, and is sold according to bra size.
A tool like the Mark for Life shirt can empower women and encourage the correct procedure, increasing the effectiveness of self-exams.
Frustrated with confusing information and unclear directions for self- exams, Atlanta residents and Mark for Life co-founders Elaine Banks and Stacie Linsky sought a solution that would simplify the procedure and increase effectiveness.
Based in Atlanta, Mark for Life LLC seeks to empower women by giving them tools and information to detect breast cancer in the early stages of development.