mark as

mark (something) as

To place a mark on something, or next to something's name on a list, to signify its state or condition. It's a tedious task, but you'll have to manually mark each item as new, used, or unknown. Go through the list of names of guests and mark each one as either absent or present.
See also: mark

mark something as something

to make a mark next to the name of something on a list indicating what the thing is. I will mark this one as expired. This one is marked as needing repair work.
See also: mark
References in classic literature ?
And now,'' said Locksley, ``I will crave your Grace's permission to plant such a mark as is used in the North Country; and welcome every brave yeoman who shall try a shot at it to win a smile from the bonny lass he loves best.
He has only to put her through an unconscious examination by getting her to read and mark a few of his favourite authors, and he is thus in possession of the master clues of her character.
So David Rhoads and Donald Michie, Mark as Story (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1982), 113-14.
His conversion indicts a crew member's searing words, uttered shortly before the Allmuseri uprising, which characterize Calhoun as a shallow, worthless, anonymous piece of cargo: "'Once we reach New Orleans the rest of us kin sign on to other ships, and Calhoun'll go on his own way, like he's always done, believin' in nothin', belongin' to nobody, driftin' here and there and dyin', probably, in a ditch without so much as leavin' a mark on the world - or as much of a mark as you get from writin' on water'" (88).
It initially encountered selling pressure against the mark as investors sought to cover their intra-European exposures by buying marks.