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by a wide margin

By a large amount; by a lot. We won that game by a wide margin! I think the final score was 10-1.
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on the margins of (something)

Existing at the periphery of a larger group, receiving less or little attention compared to the majority. The collective has been on the margins of the New York art scene for many years, but they are finally beginning to get some recognition from the mainstream. The laws rarely take into account those on the margins of society who are often the most vulnerable or in need of assistance.
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References in classic literature ?
There were fringes of ice along the sea margin, with drifting masses further out; but the main expanse of that salt ocean, all bloody under the eternal sunset, was still unfrozen.
Basaltic rocks rise perpendicularly, so that it is impossible to get from the plain to the water, or from the river margin to the plain.
Feeling this, I stood a good while behind her, writing on the margin of her book.
The banks sloped gently to its margin, without a single tree, but bordered with grass and herbage of a vivid green.
On this side, near at hand, great mansions, white with moonlight, glared out from the midst of masses of foliage that lay black and shapeless in the shadows that fell from the cliff above--and down in the margin of the lake every feature of the weird vision was faithfully repeated.
Then there was well-bred economy, which in those days made show in dress the first item to be deducted from, when any margin was required for expenses more distinctive of rank.
Then he nodded, hastily scrawled some dimensions on the margin of the little drawing and settled down again to work.
This meant longer hours of travel, and Daylight, for good measure and for a margin against accidents, hit the trail for twelve hours a day.
Not one of them had been reproved; they had chattered and giggled and drawn caricatures on the margin of the paper, as freely as if the master had left the room.
That thoughtless deity immediately plunged into the pool, which became so salivated that the trees about its margin all came loose and dropped out.
It was growing late when Jamrach came to the margin of what appeared to be a lake of black ink, and there the road terminated.
They do not make the whole three-sided pyramidal base of any one cell at the same time, but only the one rhombic plate which stands on the extreme growing margin, or the two plates, as the case may be; and they never complete the upper edges of the rhombic plates, until the hexagonal walls are commenced.
Moreover, on this notion, it is not possible to explain why the corals should have sprung up, like a wall, from the extreme outer margin of the ledge, often leaving a broad space of water within, too deep for the growth of corals.
On this occasion they wandered to the album, and toyed absently about the margin of the little water-colour drawing.
Man may be degraded to the very margin of the line which separates him from the brute, by ignorance; or he may be elevated to a communion with the great Master-spirit of all, by knowledge; nay, I know not, if time and opportunity were given him, but he might become the master of all learning, and consequently equal to the great moving principle.