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mouthful of marbles

A phrase used to describe the speech of someone who mumbles when talking. I have such a hard time understanding him—he always sounds like he has a mouthful of marbles.
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all the marbles

All possible prizes or rewards. Typically used in the phrase "for all the marbles," which is said when one is on the verge of victory. He is currently in first place, so his final putt is for all the marbles!
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lose (one's) marbles

To be or become mentally deficient, incompetent, or deranged; to become of unsound mind. My poor grandmother started losing her marbles after she had a stroke. I've been so sleep deprived lately that it feels like I've lost my marbles!
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*all the marbles

Fig. all the winnings, spoils, or rewards. (*Typically: end up with ~; get ~; win ~; give someone ~.) Somehow Fred always seems to end up with all the marbles. I don't think he plays fair.
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*cold as a welldigger's ass (in January)

 and *cold as a welldigger's feet (in January); *cold as a witch's caress; *cold as marble; *cold as a witch's tit; *cold as a welldigger's ears (in January)
very, very cold; chilling. (Use caution with ass. *Also: as ~.) Bill: How's the weather where you are? Tom: Cold as a welldigger's ass in January. By the time I got in from the storm, I was as cold as a welldigger's feet. The car's heater broke, so it's as cold as a welldigger's ears to ride around in it. She gave me a look as cold as a witch's caress.
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have all one's marbles

Fig. to have all one's mental faculties; to be mentally sound. (Very often with a negative or said to convey doubt.) I don't think he has all his marbles. Do you think Bob has all his marbles?
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lose (all) one's marbles

 and lose one's mind
Fig. to go crazy; to go out of one's mind. What a silly thing to say! Have you lost your marbles? Look at Sally jumping up and down and screaming. Is she losing all her marbles? I can't seem to remember anything. I think I'm losing my mind.
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not have all one's marbles

Fig. not to have all one's mental capacities. John acts as if he doesn't have all his marbles. I'm afraid that I don't have all my marbles all the time.
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lose your marbles

to start forgetting things, behaving strangely, or becoming mentally ill I haven't lost my marbles yet. She's begun to lose her marbles, and there's nothing we can do.
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lose your marbles

to start acting in a strange way and forgetting things I may be old, but I haven't lost my marbles yet. (informal)
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pick up your marbles (and go home/leave)

to suddenly leave an activity you have been involved in with other people, because you do not like what is happening If you don't like the way we do things around here, well, you can pick up your marbles and leave.
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have all one's buttons

Also, have all one's marbles. Be completely sane and rational. For example, Grandma may be in a wheelchair, but she still has all her buttons, or I'm not sure he has all his marbles. These slangy expressions date from the mid-1800s, as do the antonyms lose or be missing some of one's buttons or marbles , meaning "become (or be) mentally deficient."
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lose one's marbles

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have all one’s marbles

tv. to have all one’s mental faculties; to be mentally sound. (see also lose (all) one’s marbles. Have got can replace have.) I don’t think he has all his marbles.
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lose (all) one’s marbles

tv. to become crazy. (see also have all one’s marbles.) Have you lost all your marbles?
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lose one’s marbles

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marble dome

n. a stupid person. (Someone who has marble where brains should be.) The guy’s a marble dome. He has no knowledge of what’s going on around him.
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marble orchard

and Marble City
n. a cemetery. I already bought a little plot in a marble orchard. There is a huge Marble City south of town.
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Marble City

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