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like flies to manure

Rur. eagerly gathering in large numbers. (Has unpleasant connotations because of the reference to manure.) Look at all them folks going to the freak show like flies to manure. The reporters hovered around the movie star like flies to manure.
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rocking-horse manure

something extremely rare. Australian informal
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Challenges militating against the use of green manure include the fact that farmers are often reluctant to sacrifice time for food or cash crops production for improving the soil fertility only.
Complete global report on manure spreader industry spread across 150 pages, providing competitive analysis of 8 companies as well as offering 90+ tables and figures to support the market analysis is available at http://www.
You're no longer going to apply fresh manure and two days later do your planting.
However, since the hundreds of poultry farms on the land east of the Chesapeake Bay are a major source of nutrient pollution and since Maryland and the other five states sharing the bay's 64,000 square mile watershed are under a federal mandate to reduce nutrient and sediment pollution to the degraded estuary, officials in all six states are looking for alternatives to spreading poultry manure on farm fields.
Wherever manure ends up, its decomposition releases volatile fatty acids, aromatics, sulfides, amides, and alcohols that are responsible for the odors.
Manure management is a key factor in the successful cultivation of medicinal plants [13].
estimates for the following six (6) prioritized manure technology BMPs:
Agricultural manure slurries are a significant source of nutrients and faecal microbes, and therefore pose a high risk to surface water quality, particularly in dairy-farming systems with confinement of large animals.
crews were attacked with manure when they attempted to rescue a horse stuck in a reen in Peterstone in the east of FIRE crews were attacked with manure when they attempted to rescue a horse stuck in a reen in Peterstone in the east of Cardi.
According to the improvement of living standards and the changes of dietary life in recent years, the total livestock population has rapidly increased accompanying the amount of its manure (Lu et al.
The fires and explosions have been occurring at manure pits where farmers store pig waste.
Manure matters: historical, archaeological and ethnographic perspectives.
John Wintle monitors the engine inside the control room, where gas produced by mixing cow manure and food waste powers a generator and produces 5.
The manure pile first appeared to me as a wagonload of straw on the periphery of a vineyard: Schonbrunn-palace-yellow, was my immediate reaction.