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be put through the mangle

To be subjected to some ordeal, difficulty, trial, or punishment; to undergo an unpleasant experience. Between my mother's bout with cancer, Jenny losing her job, and the bank threatening to foreclose on the house, our family has really been put through the mangle this year. Jake wasn't a great fit for the military, and he was constantly being put through the mangle for disobedience.
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put (someone) through the mangle

To subject someone to some ordeal, difficulty, trial, or punishment; to force someone to undergo an unpleasant experience. My mother's recent bout with cancer has really put us through the mangle this year. I don't think Jake is a great fit for the military. His superiors are constantly putting him through the mangle for his disobedience.
See also: mangle, put, through
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Still picture of mangled remains of a vehicle and policemen at the incident site
With the glasses mangled in crash (inset) Pics: STACEY OLIVER
MANGLED Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller with his piece showing the devastation of war
According to reports, equipment like gas cutters are being used to rescue passengers struck in the mangled bogies.
MANGLED MESS: The scene of the accident where five people were killed after a head-on collision between two cars on the M1 near Luton
Carnage: Rescuers lift victim from a mangled carriage; Bloody: Survivor
At right, a flowery dress was found in 1969 in a shallow grave with a mangled, unidentifiable body off the Interstate 5 Freeway in Castaic.
The cams inside the ramp locks are moving, so anything that gets in their way ends up mangled.
Today it was revealed one female passenger had been carrying a first-aid kit, and accompanied a train guard to survey the mangled wreckage.
Three local men, all in their 20s, were discovered in the mangled wreckage of the car and were pronounced dead at the scene.
10 VLADISLAV DELAY, THE FOUR QUARTERS (HUUME) Electronica is a wasteland these days, but on this disc, Finnish producer Vladislav Delay wanders through the wreckage building lovely assemblages with shards of rumbling bass, stretches of mangled beats, and snippets of tattered melody.
Unfortunately, Ricky dies in a horrible accident, mangled by a red pickup truck on his way home from their latest date.
All the base," a phrase appearing on a character's t-shirt, is a well-known reference to mangled Atari video game language.
He had a concussion from a brick thrown at him during the melee between Chinese protesters and soldiers, and he'd borrowed the film in his camera, and his f-stop setting was wrong for the film he was using, and he was exhausted and horrified by two days of murder and mayhem in the world's largest public square, where students protesting China's junta were being mangled and trampled by the army.
Fischer and others were able to lift the mangled vehicle high enough to allow the baby to be freed.