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dog in the manger

Someone who insists on possessing something they do not want or need out of spite to prevent someone else from having it. The toddler, like a dog in the manger, refused to give her older sister the notebook she needed to complete her school assignment.
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dog in the manger

One who prevents others from enjoying something despite having no use for it. For example, Why be a dog in the manger? If you aren't going to use those tickets, let someone else have them . This expression alludes to Aesop's fable about a snarling dog that prevents horses from eating fodder that is unpalatable to the dog itself. [Mid-1500s]
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a dog in the manger

Someone who is a dog in the manger wants to prevent other people from using or enjoying something that they cannot use or enjoy themselves. As long as he knew you were pining for him Ralph didn't want you, but the minute you became somebody else's he exhibited all the classical signs of the dog in the manger. Note: You can use dog-in-the-manger before nouns to talk about this kind of attitude. He has a dog-in-the-manger attitude. He seems to be saying to hell with the locals, yet spends only two weeks a year at his castle. Note: One of Aesop's fables tells of a dog which prevented an ox from eating the hay in its manger, even though the dog could not eat the hay itself.
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dog in the manger

a person inclined to prevent others from having or using things that they do not want or need themselves.
This expression comes from the fable of the dog that lay in a manger to prevent the ox and horse from eating the hay.
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at rack and manger

amid abundance or plenty.
A rack is a frame in which hay is placed, and a manger also holds food for horses. The use of rack and manger together dates from the late 14th century in both literal and figurative senses.
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a ˌdog in the ˈmanger

a person who selfishly stops other people from using or enjoying something which he/she cannot use or enjoy ▶ ˌdog-in-the-ˈmanger adj.: a dog-in-the-manger attitudeThis expression comes from Aesop’s fable about a dog which lay in a manger (= a long open box) filled with hay. In this way he stopped the other animals eating the hay, even though he could not eat it himself.
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dog in the manger

Not permitting others to enjoy something you don't need out of spite, a spoilsport. In Aesop's fable of the same name, a dog took a nap in a manger full of hay. When an ox entered and tried to get to its feed, the dog barked menacingly and refused admission, even though the hay was of no value to the dog. The moral: “People often grudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves.”
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