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manoeuvre the apostles

obsolete To borrow or take money from one person or source to repay the debt of another (i.e., rob Peter to pay Paul). Mr. Hardy's firm has fallen into arrears of late, and the solicitor has been manoeuvring the apostles just to keep the business viable.

maneuver for something

to get into position for something. Sally is maneuvering for a shot at a promotion. Todd maneuvered for some attention, but they ignored him.
See also: maneuver

maneuver someone into something

to lure, position, or deceive someone into (doing) something. I will see if I can maneuver him into accepting the offer. He was maneuvered into accepting the offer.
See also: maneuver

maneuver someone out of something

to trick someone out of getting or achieving something. Are you trying to maneuver me out of the running for the job?' The runner maneuvered her opponent out of first place.
See also: maneuver, of, out
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Yet the vehicle's 45-degree wheel cut allows for an extremely tight turning radius which gives the 4900 tractor the maneuverability to better get in and out of tight loading docks, narrow alleys, and crowded city streets.
Hydra-Mac manufactures six models of four-wheeled skid steer loaders which can do a variety of jobs that are difficult to do manually but which large machines, such as tractors, bulldozers, and other construction equipment cannot do because of their size and lack of maneuverability.
Featuring a fully automated design, the UltraShift PLUS uses an Electronic Clutch Actuator to engage and disengage the clutch, resulting in faster shifting, smoother engagement and improved maneuverability.
This well proven suspension increases maneuverability, improves emergency stopping distances and lowers the cost of ownership by cushioning onboard equipment.
Photo: The tailless X-36 aircraft is expected to have more maneuverability than the F-18 fighter plane.
Army and Marine Corps for the JLTV family of vehicles address capabilities gaps and increase force protection, survivability, fuel-efficiency, capacity, maneuverability and automotive safety balanced with the total cost of ownership.
He says the machines offer enhanced material handling, less ground disturbance and improved tire life in the all-wheel-steer mode, while offering maneuverability in confined spaces in skid-steer mode.
Photo: Designed without a tail and piloted by remote control, this experimental McDonnell Douglas-NASA X-36 is slated to undergo testing for stealth and maneuverability at Edwards Air Force Base.
The demonstrations will highlight the system's ability to be integrated with several different mission modules, showcase the boat's speed and stealthy maneuverability, and perform surveillance and intercept missions against realistic targets.
Schneider is being awarded for his work on the F-18 High Alpha Research Vehicle, which tests the use of thrust vectoring - changing the direction of jet engine exhaust - in increasing an aircraft's maneuverability.
Built with the expertise of a leading commercial truck and engine manufacturer, International's MXT-MVA has the ability to handle the weight of the armor - especially over long distances, rugged terrain and when maneuverability is critical.
The KUKA JET robot's enhanced maneuverability allows machines to be tended through narrow openings and parts precisely positioned even within the machine.
Army paratroopers using the MC-6 will have greater airborne maneuverability and softer landings when they effectively reach their targets," Gary Calvaneso, vice president of marketing explained.
With many new features such as Salesboom Suggest(TM), Contact and Lead Rolodex, and AJAX Calendar Salesboom users are empowered with greater control and maneuverability of information while cutting down on navigation time and page refreshes.
The "all" AC powered N-Generation forklifts feature increased range of maneuverability an advanced Integrated Presence System and extended service intervals.