manage without

manage without someone or something

to do as well as possible without someone or something. Carla said that she just can't manage without Jerry. We just can't manage without some more money.
See also: manage, without
References in classic literature ?
And there's no reason why we cannot still manage without it.
Jane lay anxiously and restlessly in bed with a feverish headache, wondering how her sister could manage without her.
Of course it's a dead simple case, and we can probably manage without it.
They didn't see how they was to manage without orderin' up more food--they felt that empty inside.
I am, as you know, always anxious that you should go about in a style worthy of your position, but unless you can manage without calling on me to pay away hundreds of pounds every season to Madame Smith, you had better give up society and stay at home.
I don't know how we could manage without him," answered the elder woman querulously.
I'm sorry--if you could manage without it, I think I would rather not.
However in the world could I manage without a tent?
Lida," said she to the youngest one, "you must manage without your chemise to-night .
Leave, that's fine, we can manage without you" Speaker John Bercow rebukes Liberal Democrat Greg Mulholland for taking too long to ask a question in the Commons.
As we can manage without one, it's usually removed by surgery.
A year ago we were wondering how we'd manage without Greig.
Ukraine's Naftogaz company head Andriy Kobolev said Russia had cut the supply of gas, but that Ukraine can manage without Russian gas until December.
From basic appliances no kitchen can manage without right through to cutting edge technology, again doing your homework is incredibly important.
How would he/she manage without support in the event of long term unemployment or to be struck down with a disability or if their partner, child, parents became disabled, how would E J manage to survive without support from the state via the welfare benefits system.