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1. adjective Between two men, in an environment in which it is safe to discuss difficult, embarrassing, or sensitive topics. I think I need to have a man-to-man chat with you about the dangers of unprotected sex. The coach took the player aside to have a man-to-man conversation about the recent outbursts and lack of focus.
2. noun A serious talk between two men, typically in which difficult, embarrassing, or sensitive topics are discussed. Looking back, I really wish there had been someone to have a man-to-man with me when I started going through puberty.

man to man

in a direct and frank way between two men; openly and honestly.
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ˌman to ˈman

between two men who are treating each other honestly and equally: I’m telling you all this man to man.a man-to-man talk
See also: man
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Their lateral quickness, essential in man-to-man, is mediocre.
In teaching man-to-man defense to youth players, every coach should do as every high school and college coach does -- start with the building blocks.
Anyone can be taught to play good man-to-man defense regardless of size or speed.
Butch van Breda Kolff decided to have Princeton fake a man-to-man defense for a second, then shift back into a zone.
X applies a tight man-to-man coverage against the slot man--again knowing that he has zone help over the top and can thus play aggressively.
But Ambos spent enough days playing man-to-man - or many times in his case boy-to-man - at the gym.
In each of these variations, we see different aspects of man-to-man defense that, when properly executed, form the foundation for good team defense.
Defense rules: Valley Torah of North Hollywood set the tempo early with a tenacious man-to-man defense and rolled to a 66-59 victory over Stoneridge Prep of Tarzana in a nonleague boys basketball game Monday night.
Be it man-to-man or zone, offensive players cutting across a defensive man's face should never happen.
Most of the time we will be in either a Cover 0 man-to-man (Diag.
The scheme was a variation of a zone defense, with center Idel Dawson, point guard Gabe Stevenson and forwards Michael Stevenson (Gabe's younger brother) and Antoine Jones forming a diamond-shaped zone, with guard Mario Realzola applying man-to-man pressure on Johnson.
It should have zone or man-to-man components that can be easily disguised within the framework of the defense; that is, the opponents should have to spend time deciphering your man or zone.
SANTA CLARITA - Dillard University of New Orleans, ranked 22nd in the NAIA Top 25 poll, used harassing man-to-man defense to force 29 turnovers and beat The Master's College 91-45 Saturday in the final of the Mustangs' Galpin Fall Classic at Bross Gym.
At the beginning, I saw she had a lot of talent, but when we'd run plays, she'd play man-to-man while we'd play zone.
The ball handler exhibits patience against a man-to-man press.