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1. adjective Between two men, in an environment in which it is safe to discuss difficult, embarrassing, or sensitive topics. I think I need to have a man-to-man chat with you about the dangers of unprotected sex. The coach took the player aside to have a man-to-man conversation about the recent outbursts and lack of focus.
2. noun A serious talk between two men, typically in which difficult, embarrassing, or sensitive topics are discussed. Looking back, I really wish there had been someone to have a man-to-man with me when I started going through puberty.

man to man

in a direct and frank way between two men; openly and honestly.
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ˌman to ˈman

between two men who are treating each other honestly and equally: I’m telling you all this man to man.a man-to-man talk
See also: man
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It will force the defenders to rotate to the nearest opponent to match up with and then guard in the man-to-man defensive scheme until the half-court defense is needed.
If the opposition can escape this defensive pressure with a pass out of the trap, all five defenders should sprint immediately into the half-court defense, (whether it be man-to-man or some type of zone defense).
Most of the time we will be in either a Cover 0 man-to-man (Diag.
Be it man-to-man or zone, offensive players cutting across a defensive man's face should never happen.
The drill has become a widely popular tool for teaching the basic fundamentals of man-to-man defense: ball pressure, deny position, help-side defense, hedging (fake-trapping) the basketball, rotating with the movement of the ball, proper vision, and effective communication.
If the back motions out to the slot, as shown, X will react with tight man-to-man coverage.
Anyone can be taught to play good man-to-man defense regardless of size or speed.
Since all defenses, including zone, is predicated on man-to-man principles, we'd like to present the true and tried building blocks and drills to use with young players.
If the corners are aligned to funnel the outside receivers inside and settle into flats, the post-snap read will identify whether it is indeed a Cover 2 zone or if the corners are in a man-to-man coverage using a bail technique.
Since the "games" can be run quickly or with a delayed action, the defensive linemen must be aware of whether the offensive line is using man-to-man or zone pass protection and to be on the alert for aggressive blocking.