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horizontal mambo

The act of sexual intercourse. My brother spends his weekends cruising the bars around town in hopes of doing the horizontal mambo with someone.
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mattress mambo

n. an act of copulation. (Contrived.) I get my exercise doing the mattress mambo.
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Mini mambos sessions are also held during term time at Mile Oak Community Centre on Tuesdays, from 12.
Wendy Sweatman with children at a Mini Mambos session.
The story of the Castillo brothers originated in The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, Oscar Hijuelos' Pulitzer Prize-winning 1989 novel.
He was also actively looking for new projects, and five years ago, he says, he pounced on Mambo Kings.
The Mambo Newsletter will be featured as a Custom Free-Standing Insert in the Valpak envelope.
It is an honor to work with a trusted brand like Valpak to bring this unique opportunity to the natural products segment," said Matthew Saline, Founder and CEO of Mambo Sprouts.
We've been driving the natural and organic coupon industry for well over a decade now," said Matthew Saline, CEO of Mambo Sprouts.
CONTACT: Lisa Lazarczyk for Mambo Sprouts, +1-781-646-0667, lazpr@sbcglobal.
CONTACT: Lisa Lazarczyk of Mambo Sprouts Marketing, +1-781-646-0667, lazpr@sbcglobal.
Consumers picked up on our coupon pages and began using them almost immediately," said Matthew Saline, CEO of Mambo Sprouts.
The insights gained through the survey dialog with Mambo Sprouts advisors are critical to assisting Organic Valley in maintaining a timely understanding of consumers' priorities.
The Mambo Sprouts survey focused on grocery coupon use in tough economic times.
The Lunchbox Tour was developed by Mambo Sprouts, the nation's leading natural and organic marketing company.
CONTACT: Lisa Lazarczyk, Mambo Sprouts Marketing, +1-781-646-0667, lazpr@sbcglobal.
Mambo Sprouts Survey Reveals Savvy Consumers Using Coupons, Shopping Locally and Cooking More to Offset High Fuel and Food Costs