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mama's boy

A boy or man who is particularly close with his mother to the point of being overly dependent on her. Lynn dumped Mark because he was such a mama's boy and always ran to her to fix his problems.
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go home to mama

to give up something-such as a marriage-and return to one's mother's home. I've had it. I'm going home to mama. Mary left him and went home to mama.
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mama's boy

A sissy, especially a boy or man excessively attached to his mother. For example, The children called Tom a mama's boy because he ran home with every little problem. This sexist expression has survived despite its pejorative tone. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]
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mama bear

n. a policewoman. (see also lady bear.) As we came under the bridge, we saw a mama bear sitting in a pigmobile.
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My mama didn’t raise no dummy

sent. I’m not stupid. Sure I know the difference between good and bad. My mama didn’t raise no dummy.
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red-hot mama

n. an exciting woman; a sexually exciting or excited woman. I’m no red-hot mama, just a country girl.
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yo mama

interj. so you say. (Black.) Not enough bread! Yo mama.
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red-hot mama

A woman who is sexy in a flashy and obvious way. The phrase reached its maximum popularity through an early 20th-century entertainer named Sophie Tucker, who billed herself as “the Last of the Red Hot Mamas” (history fails to reveal who was the first). Nothing about her was shy or demure—one of her songs began, “You've got to see Mama ev'ry night or you can't see Mama at all.” As a description of a woman who appealed to male carnal appetites, the phrase was used by men and often, like Ms. Tucker, by the women themselves.
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With the 1995 publication of his novel Somebody Else's Mama, David Haynes gently alters that received and gendered literary genealogy: He chooses "somebody else's" foremother.
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