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with malice aforethought

Intentionally and malevolently; not innocently or by accident. The phrase is usually used humorously to mimic legal language. Don't give me that innocent look. You ate the last piece of pie with malice aforethought!
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malice aforethought

The calculated, premeditated intention to harm or kill. Outside of legal writing, the phrase is often used humorously or sarcastically. During the sentencing, the defendant's lawyers argued that the death penalty should be reserved for those who killed with malice aforethought. Don't give me that innocent look. You ate the last piece of pie with malice aforethought!
See also: aforethought, malice

malice aforethought

the intention to kill or harm which is held to distinguish unlawful killing from murder.
See also: aforethought, malice

with ˌmalice aˈforethought

(law) with the deliberate intention of committing a crime or harming somebody: Suddenly Guy, more by way of a nervous twitch than with malice aforethought, pulled the trigger.
See also: aforethought, malice
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If an unfounded complaint is laid with a quasi-judicial body, such as a professional disciplinary body, against a professional person registered with such a body, the communication will be 'privileged' unless such person can show that the complainant acted with an improper motive such as ill-will, spite or malice.
72) The court followed the Gertz ruling, which stated that unless the statement concerns a matter of public interest, defamation actions by private plaintiffs do not invoke the Sullivan actual malice test.
American malice tort would require the plaintiff to show that: (13)
Malice N Wonderland is a refreshing change for me, with a fantastic array of collaborators u Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan and The-Dream u old and new.
The novel is about Seth and Kady, two youngsters living in the Midlands, who hear chilling rumours about a comic book called Malice, that sucks readers into the story.
Mr Al Marzooq pledged that the committee would look into the affair objectively, but said after the Press conference that he believed the complaints were genuine and without malice.
I have seen it a few times now and it was a clumsy challenge but there was no malice in it," said Jones.
This is the case where I have drawn the wrath of the local Maggots of Malice and the press is more than willing to release illegally obtained personnel documents supposedly sealed in fairness to the employee.
Malice involves gross ill will, spite and vindictiveness with deliberate intention to commit an unlawful act.
I know The Advocate meant no malice in labeling us as queer.
Bad Shit is reality and you haven't experienced anything 'til you throw on the headphones and inject this malice straight into your brain, leaving your piehole raw with envy.
Nevertheless, it is the reporter or editor who bears the brunt of the actual malice inquiry.
TV writer MARION McMULLEN finds out about the game of murder in ITV's crime drama Malice Aforethought.
That is why the excessively empathetic tend to be vulnerable to the artful schemes of evil and blind to the preternatural malice of Satan; for they readily believe that everyone is good willed and are thus dangerously unsuspecting.