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a lot of malarkey

Exaggerated, foolish, or untruthful talk; nonsense or falsehoods. Don't believe your grandad's stories, son. It's all a lot of malarkey.
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a bunch of malarkey

Exaggerated, foolish, or untruthful talk; nonsense or falsehoods. Personally, I think the notion of "love at first sight" is a bunch of malarkey.
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n. nonsense; flattery. Don’t give me that malarkey!
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I gave the test tape to everyone I knew that had a cat," Malarkey says.
For those who may not know the exact definition of the word, considering it had been rarely used until Thursday night's debate, malarkey is defined as meaningless talk or nonsense.
From left, Matt Waters of Evolution LLP, Craig Malarkey of Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors and Doug Bedford of Tesserrae Holdings who all |worked together to secure a new acquisition for Tesserrae
From left, Kelly Adamson, Adept MD, with Brian Beaumont and Paul Harrison (Waltons Clark Whitehill) and Craig Malarkey (Tilly Bailey & Irvine)
Malarkey spoke about the images in which 70-year-old Stchi was seen with his hand around Lawson's throat during a fight outside a London eatery three weeks ago - for which he later accepted a police caution, the Mirror reported.
He looks sure to go close but at a bigger price Twiston-Davies' Major Malarkey makes more appeal.
Major Malarkey had previously looked a bit moody when pulled up at Haydock but that was probably just a minor blip as he had previously run another good race in the Classic Chase at Warwick.
Master Overseer was up with the leaders from the start, but Major Malarkey looked sure to win as he loomed alongside in the final straight.
So, the bets are 2pts ew on MAJOR MALARKEY at 22-1 with Ladbrokes and the same bet at 22-1 with Coral about CHAMIREY.
Top Chef star Brian Malarkey opened Burlap this summer, a mash-up of Pacific Rim and cowboy cuisine (imagine a raw bar that seves sashimi and venison carpaccio, and you get the idea).
The closure is prompted by a combination of factors, including the economic downturn, the way Oregon regulates wine, overhead costs and personal reasons, said Brie Malarkey, who owns the store with her husband, Jon Cunningham.
16): It is comical to behold the church trying to saddle the laity with its bleak view of marriage by citing some loony malarkey about Adam and Eve, thus undermining itself in one easy stroke.
When Miss Malarkey starts singing "The hills are alive/ with the sound of music
So you write some, you hope, marvellous malarkey music that goes with it.
We constituents are hit with high gas prices, enormous medical costs, drug expenses that turn out to be exorbitant after a senior reaches their first plateau within five months, increases in our property taxes, which seem to sneak upward every year from additional assessments, and now this malarkey to reduce the amount subsidized by the city's general fund.