make short work of (someone or something)

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make short work of (someone or something)

To deal with, finish, or dispose of someone or something very quickly or handily. We'll make short work of this project now that you've joined the team. You made short work of that book you were reading. You must have liked it! Everyone is expecting the team to make short work of their opponents in the upcoming match.
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make short work of someone or something

 and make fast work of someone or something
to finish with someone or something quickly. I made short work of Tom so I could leave the office to play golf. Billy made fast work of his dinner so he could go out and play.
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make short work of

Complete or consume quickly, as in The children made short work of the ice cream, or They made short work of cleaning up so they could get to the movies. This term, first recorded in 1577, in effect means "to turn something into a brief task."
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make short work of something

1. If you make short work of something, you deal with it or complete it quickly and easily. His car made short work of the steep hills. A spray paint will make short work of painting awkward objects.
2. If you make short work of someone or something, you defeat them, destroy them or get rid of them quickly and easily. Britain's No 2, Greg Rusedski made short work of his opponent in the Toulouse Open quarter-final. My friend made short work of the salad of rocket and parmesan.
See also: make, of, short, something, work

make short work of

accomplish, consume, or destroy quickly.
See also: make, of, short, work

make short ˈwork of something/somebody

do or finish something very quickly; defeat somebody very easily: The children certainly made short work of the chocolate biscuits!The champion made very short work of the challenger in the title fight.
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Summary: Guests at the first Annual Awareness Dinner on Food Wastage earlier this week did their utmost to further the evening's cause, making short work of the buffet prepared by internationally renowned chef Hussein Hadid.
THE Sutton juggernaught keeps rolling on, making short work of every bump in the road at the top of the Southport and District Amateur Cricket League's Premier Division.
LAHORE -- University of Central Punjab won the title of the All Pakistan Inter varsity base ball championship making short work of Superior University 9-1 in the final at UCP sports complex here on Tuesday.
From alluvium to cobbles, the Robbins Small Boring Unit (SBU-A) is making short work of mixed ground.
ISLAMABAD, July 28 -- Pakistan's top junior tennis player Samir Iftikhar breezed into the quarterfinals of the 2nd leg of ITF Junior world Ranking Tournament making short work of Indian Vishal Passi in straight sets 6-1, 6-2 at sports city Amman, Jordan on Tuesday.
Punchestowns pleases PUNCHESTOWNS did all that was asked of him on his chasing debut at Newbury yesterday, making short work of his rivals and cementing his place at the head of the betting for the RSA Chase.
Last year's quarter-finalist Nicole Vaidisova, seeded 18, is also through after making short work of Zuzana Ondraskova 6-2 6-2.
Meanwhile Cooper was making short work of the opposition and in his four matches up the final took the ties with single figure victories and those on the receiving end were Scott Varney 21-8, Kyle Beasley 21-5, Dean Nicholls 21-9 and in the last four Foleshill's Jay Sahan 21-4.
And Simon is claiming the credit for the new daily pizza option, which probably explains why he was spotted making short work of a couple of slices the other evening.
SOMEWHERE, under the rainbow, Dolly the cow is making short work of a tasty patch of cud.
Making short work of message management, the TC-950 enables users to control and instantly access the all-digital answering machine from the handset - or from any touch-tone phone -- via a voice menu, and easily skip, repeat, save and erase messages.
Troopingthecolour made sure there were not two 1-4 beaten favourites by making short work of his three rivals in the 1m2f maiden.
RAIN seems to be the only factor capable of stalling Roger Federer as the Swiss star looks on the verge of making short work of Michael Russell in the first round of the French Open at Roland Garros.
After a close-up of various celebrity guests making short work of the champagne, we would cut back to the hedging and get a glimpse through the foliage of David Moyes lifting a pair of high-powered field glasses to his worried eyes.
Rafter huddled round a TV monitor with several Australian mates to watch compatriot Jelena Dokic's Wimbledon wipeout of Martina Hingis - before making short work of reaching the second round.