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He was still struggling with the islanders when Jimmy again came up to him, and warned him against irritating them, saying that he was only making matters worse for both of us, and if they became enraged, there was no telling what might happen.
Making matters worse, the airline's sole aircraft, a B767-300(ER), had also developed technical issues almost simultaneously.
Furthermore, when legitimate governments resort to excessive and disproportionate violence, they can end up making matters worse.
Making matters worse, the vocational schools with the longest waiting lists are in communities with high unemployment.
The duo have taken footage from the air of 54 countries, and the results are both amazing and shocking - they reveal just how fragile the planet is, and how climate change is making matters worse.
Those who do complain in the hope of protecting other patients, are not always dealt with honestly, making matters worse and it's a frightening situation when lives are at stake.
You are only making matters worse for yourself by not speaking to the police.
Making matters worse, one resident said that the landlord hasn't offered a reimbursement for food expenses or rent, and some tenants say they're considering legal action.
People are people: when we start using pejorative labels about some, we are making matters worse.
A massive rescue operation was then launched to safely remove its cargo without making matters worse.
Making matters worse, Delhi does not have any proper disposal system for broken or fused CFLs.
Their job is dangerous enough a without making matters worse.
Making matters worse, '05 turned out to be not only a year of no-name Dodgers unis but also a year of no-name Dodgers, the regulars including Jason Phillips, Mike Edwards and Steve Schmoll.
Making matters worse are Scarlett's health problems.
Making matters worse, the ash disposal area was ringed by wells that were being used for the von Gonten family's poultry operations.