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The rehabilitation counselor is seen as the educator and advisor, while the consumer acts as the participant and ultimately the evaluator of his or her own choice making techniques (Curl & Sheldon, 1992; Kosciulek, 2004).
Survey respondents district wide (not including the Literacy Committee) perceive school district decision making as more hierarchical than collaborative.
If a handful of medical directors is using a wide variety of approaches to medical necessity decision making and dozens of different websites, what would a similar survey of the hundreds of health plans and thousands of medical directors reveal?
It saves many lives but it is also indirectly destroying the world through making possible over-population and the greater impact of human beings on the natural environment.
On the other hand, Mock argues, making peer review reports public would actually improve their quality.
Address at the 2002 Family Group Decision Making Roundtable, Monterey, California.
Another bill pending in the California legislature that would affect taxpayers making, or considering making, the water's-edge election is Senate Bill 1061.
In some cases, he and other researchers are making patterned coatings on which some regions attract certain proteins or cells while other parts resist their adsorption, says Rubner.
A fundamental challenge was to determine whether what became known as the "Castrip" technology (a clever neologism if there ever was one) could be performed on a commercial basis as in: Make money while making steel.
The Malawi National Environmental Policy calls for integration of gender-specific concerns into environmental planning and decision making at all levels.
Therefore, making a career decision involves collecting and processing information.
Interactive customer relationship management is all about making decisions to optimize the customer experience through individualized product information and offers, quotes and policyholder or claim services.
None of the funds made available by this Act or any prior Act making appropriations for Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs may be provided for any country, entity, or municipality sanctioned by the Secretary of State for failure to take necessary and significant steps to apprehend and transfer to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.
The paper industry utilizes robber-covered rolls throughout the paper making process.
The most hurtful event in Podhoretz's public life was the extremely negative reception that his first memoir, Making It, got when it was published in 1967, when he was still in his thirties.