make sense (out) of (something)

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make sense (out) of (something)

To interpret something in a way that one can understand or that reveals some purpose, reason, etc. It will be a long time before we can begin to make sense of this tragedy. Can you make sense out of these markings? Is it a code, or what?
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make (some) sense (out) of someone or something

to understand someone or something. I can't make sense out of Doris and what she has done! No one can make sense out of Tom's story.
See also: make, of, sense

make ˈsense of something

understand something that is difficult or not very clear: I don’t understand these instructions. Can you make any sense of them?
See also: make, of, sense, something
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THE INTELLIGIBILITY OF NATURE: How Science Makes Sense of the World
of Alberta) draws from 30 years of experience as a teacher and school counselor, insights from teachers and children, and the discourses of philosophy, literature, and educational theory in a text for teachers which explores "multiple expressions and meanings that may help makes sense of what being a teacher in the classroom means.
A data warehouse or datamart solves this problem by extracting the data from the operational database, cleaning it up adding reference data (called metadata) that allows analysis along various dimensions (such as time) that are only implicit in the operational store and makes sense of the data in a larger business context, and then presenting it, using a variety of analytical tools from a datastore that is separate from the OLTP system.
Yet while their ability to illuminate the dark recesses of the mind may have been exaggerated by ardent proponents, there remains a strong belief in some quarters that neural networks will link up with emerging studies of brain cells in action to produce new insights into how the human brain makes sense of the world and generates complex thoughts.