make (a) nonsense of (something)

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make (a) nonsense of (something)

To treat something serious or important in a silly or ridiculous manner; to make a mockery of something. The candidate has been making a nonsense of the whole political process, but for some reason many voters feel that that is just what's needed. I don't appreciate you making nonsense of this class with your rude remarks and obnoxious behavior.
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make nonsense of something

to make something appear to be silly or nonsensical. You are just making nonsense of everything I have tried to do. Your statement makes nonsense of everything you have said before.
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make nonsense (or a nonsense) of

reduce the value of something to a ridiculous degree.
See also: make, nonsense, of

make (a) ˈnonsense of something

reduce the value of something by a lot; make something seem ridiculous: If people can bribe police officers, it makes a complete nonsense of the legal system.
See also: make, nonsense, of, something
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According to Mr Mutoro, while austerity measures are well intended, implementing them amid run away graft makes nonsense of fiscal consolidation.
It makes nonsense of the money multiplier and the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR), instruments for managing money in circulation, volume of credit and inflation.
It makes nonsense of the now familiar, but hollow, promises of top politicians not to be defeated by terrorism.
The very concept of Bob a Rose (which can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube) seems designed to launch a protest campaign, but the show is grounded in such specific, complex characterizations that it makes nonsense of complaints that its central relationship questions the true nature of sexual orientation.
Of course, more than four decades later, Macdonald is living proof which makes nonsense of the oft-repeated claim Newcastle fans don't like players or managers if they are from London.
But Shepard underscores how famine makes nonsense of much ordinary morality.
And it goes without saying that low inflation combined with rapid job growth makes nonsense of all those predictions that Obamacare, or maybe just the president's bad attitude, would destroy the private sector.
Professor Overy nowhere explains why he does not include the air offensive against Japan, and superficially the concentration on Europe may seem a sensible, business-like procedure: but as so often with seemingly sensible, business-like procedures, it makes nonsense of the whole exercise.
Senior military circles operating in the field of counterterrorism say that detaining terrorist suspects without interrogating them makes nonsense of the process.
It is quite wrong not to use a brownfield site in a case of this sort because it makes nonsense of the existing planning system and its endeavours to try to care for what is left of the countryside.
This omission strikes hard at the state existence and makes nonsense of the concepts of justice and equality.
Which in many ways makes nonsense of the numerous claims, hailing a market recovery
Our overall performance makes nonsense of Roy Hodgson's statement after the game that he could not have asked any more from his side and that he was proud of them.
All of the above individuals have at some time represented the country of their birth at senior level, which makes nonsense of this manipulation of national status.