make sure

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make sure (of something)

to check something and be certain about it. Please make sure of your facts before you write the report. We made sure of the route we had to follow before we left. Please double-check and make sure.
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make sure

1. Make certain, establish something without doubt, as in Make sure all the doors are locked. It is also put as make sure of, as in Before you make that speech, make sure of your facts. This usage was first recorded in 1565.
2. make sure of. Act so as to be certain of something, as in He wanted to make sure of his own district before seeking support elsewhere. This usage was first recorded in 1673.
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make ˈsure (of something/that...)

1 check that something is true or has been done: I think the door’s locked, but I’d better go and make sure.Have you made sure that we’ve got enough money?
2 do something in order to be certain that something else happens: I want to make sure that the party is a success.Make sure there’s enough to eat tonight.
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make sure

To establish something without doubt; make certain: Make sure he writes it down.
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Make sure the vendor carries an adequate amount of professional and cyber-liability insurance.
Make sure local managers of overseas locations are informed of developments unfolding elsewhere.
One scrap dealer says that before he makes any used equipment purchase, he checks around to make sure there are parts available for the particular model being considered, in case of a breakdown.
At Canyon Oaks Preschool in Agoura, administrators are quick to make sure that sick children stay home - or even go home in the middle of the day.
Make sure your retirement plan includes investments that provide large enough returns to outpace inflation.
The week before the Plate we have to make sure all the bedrooms are clean and tidy and keep a record of how many grooms we're expecting.
We want to make sure that steps are being taken so this doesn't happen again,'' said Councilman Jack Weiss.
You just have to make sure the stuff doesn't get everywhere.
I said: Make sure that tape is destroyed because I don't want it to inadvertently end up on our air.
Before you hike, make sure your shoes fit properly.
My mom and dad tell me to just believe in myself and to make sure I'm careful when I bubble in the answers,'' said Edgar, a fifth-grader at Morningside Elementary School in San Fernando.
He also constantly is challenging them to try new things during bullpen sessions to make sure they aren't content with their current level of play.
Isaacs' office, and asked him to please make sure he takes care of it.
Anything that is run on a date-sensitive computer system has to be checked to make sure it recognizes a four-digit year.
BUYER BEWARE: With the state using a new Smog Check program, consumers buying used vehicles from private parties should make sure the seller has already obtained a valid smog certificate, officials are advising.