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Researchers at Stanford University have claimed that making someone smile is as good for the giver as it is for the receiver and if one sets out to make someone happy, instead of just smile, then they will probably fail, ABC News reported.
So, even if high-glycemic foods make someone hungrier, the rest of the meal will usually contain a variety of foods that will soften the effect.
LOS ANGELES -- Teleflora, the world's leading floral service and product company, announced today its plans for the 2006 Make Someone Smile(R) Week program, the industry's leading benevolent project.
Make Someone Smile(R) Week will enlist thousands of Teleflora florists nationwide to deliver floral arrangements in the company's keepsake Be Happy(R) Mugs to those most in need of a smile: hospital patients, children at foster-care facilities, residents of nursing homes and others.
The feedback from local communities and the floral industry has been overwhelmingly positive since we launched Make Someone Smile(R) Week in 2003.
Additionally, during Make Someone Smile(R) Week, anyone can deliver a smile to someone they love -- and donate to the American Cancer Society -- by visiting www.
Developed by Teleflora in 2003, Make Someone Smile(R) Week has grown into one of the floral industry's most successful cause-related initiatives in North America.